Trojan:Win32/Waledac Removal Guide

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Trojan:Win32/Waledac is a cunning Trojan horse which can put you and your friends to trouble. It has been found that this threat spread via malicious websites. For instance, if you receive an email from an unrecognized sender and the email contains a suspicious link, do not click it as you can execute the cunning threat in this way.

The malware is known to be used for spamming. It accesses the user’s e-mail account and reads the contacts. The spam emails can vary which means that their headlines can differ. For instance, the subject line may contain “Are you in the city now”, “Bomb explosion”, “Damn it!”, “Have you heard about it”, “Haven’t you see this” and some others. As you can see, the email is supposed to arouse your curiosity so that you open it at once.

It has been also observed that the spam emails having the same subject line differ, too. The difference between two emails supposedly dealing with a bomb explosion received in different locations is that the information regarding the receiver country will be provided. The website which has supposedly published the news requires that the user downloads a Flash Player, and if he/she clicks to download it, the Trojan is executed.

In addition to the localized news or coupons that may be offered in some infectious emails, Trojan:Win32/Waledac can download malicious files. It can be ecard.eze, Loveu.exe, Print.exe, list.exe and some more. They can be downloaded from,,, and other insecure websites. If your computer gets infected with Trojan:Win32/Waledac, your contacts may also receive a malicious email containing a copy of the Trojan.

Additionally, it has been observed that the threat in question has backboor capabilities. It means that it can help remote attackers access your computer by downloading new malware.

In order to prevent data loss, computer infections and other adverse consequences that follow from Trojan:Win32/Waledac, it is important to back up valuable data, keep the security application up-to-date, not open suspicious emails or browse insecure websites. If the Trojan has already tampered with the system and you receive security alerts from your anti-virus tool but cannot remove the infection, click on the download button and download our free scanner.

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