180Solutions.SearchAssistant Removal Guide

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180Solutions Search Assistant is an adware application which tracks your search and browsing sessions. It derives from the same family as Epipo, and is bundled with other advertiser supported software. This adware monitors your surfing habits and then generates pop up ads based on your search keywords. This is not only annoying but can also be dangerous as the pop up ads can contain malicious links.

The 180Solutions Search Assistant developers will then receive money for each of the pop up ads the user clicks on, and thus has a financial interest in redirecting users to any site no matter its intention or safety. 180Solutions Search Assistant will also create security holes in the system which can be exploited by other types of malware and adware, and potentially cripple the system under the attacks and pop up messages.

In order to restore your system’s privacy and security, and to prevent any future similar attacks, employ the removal of a genuine security application to permanently destroy 180Solutions Search Assistant and make sure your PC and personal information is protected.

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