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CouponDropDown Virus is a piece of adware which can infect such internet browsers as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Depending on the version of this infection, a browser extension can be installed to your browsers. If you have tried to remove this annoying unwanted program and find that its pop-up messages are still being displayed, you should act immediately and use a reliable spyware removal tool to remove CouponDropDown Virus.

Once a piece of adware is noticed in one’s internet browser, it is essential to remove it, because adware infections are installed without the user’s approval. Very often adware operates like spyware, which means that it can collect information from the hard drive, monitor what websites are being visited and record keystrokes. The information collected is then sent to a third party. Additionally, the pop-up advertisements may promote worthless or even rogue security products, which can do more harm to the system if installed.

CouponDropDown Virus can make your browsing session unbearable due to its malicious operations. First, the program displays advertisements offering the user coupons to acquire various products. The ads appear on every website, and even when a new tab is opened. For example, you find such a message:

CouponDropDown will change the way you shop online.

Buy one Get one free home accessories

Free standard shipping on all bath and beauty purchases.

40 % OFF EXTRA, includes all items, even already on sale!

Additionally, like the majority of adware infections, CouponDropDown Virus may be collecting your personal information and send it to a third party. It is also possible that you will be redirected to suspicious websites, whose content you should not trust. The websites may contain malware that may easily infect the system. Fortunately, you can protect your privacy by removing the infection from the system and regularly checking whether your security tool is updated. We advise you to use SpyHunter, because the tool will remove CouponDropDown Virus and make sure that the PC is protected from malware attacks.

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