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One minute you are working on your computer, and the next, you discover that Qlkm Ransomware has slithered in and corrupted your files. This is how fast this malware works. Once it is done, you will see that your personal files have blank file icons, that they have the additional ‘.qlkm’ extension, and that you cannot read them. Is there a program that can read them? There is a tool named ‘STOP Decryptor’ that should decrypt at least some of the files for free, but we cannot promise that it will work for you. Unfortunately, decryptors for ransomware rarely exist, and their victims usually end up losing all personal files. This is not so terrible if copies of your documents and photos are placed in a safe storage, but if that is not the case, ransomware can be devastating. Keep reading to learn more on how to delete Qlkm Ransomware and, most importantly, how to secure your Windows system against ransomware.

If Qlkm Ransomware has attacked your personal files, it is most likely that you have been tricked into opening a malicious launcher file yourself. It could have been hiding within a malicious software bundle, or you could have helped its execution by opening a fake document attached to a misleading spam email. That is how Jdyi Ransomware, Vvoa Ransomware, Vpsh Ransomware, and many other infections spread most often. That is not the only thing they have in common with Qlkm Ransomware. All of these threats belong to the same family, known as ‘STOP Ransomware.’ This is why the free decryptor has been named ‘STOP Decryptor’ too. In general, it is hard to find differences between these infections because they are so identical. They even use the same ransom note file named ‘_readme.txt.’ Should you open a file that belongs to malware? Normally, we would not recommend it, but this is just a text file, and you cannot create more problems by opening it. Of course, you should remove it afterward.

Although it is not dangerous to open the Qlkm Ransomware ransom note file, reading the message inside could be very dangerous. This message is set up to convince you and other victims that all files can be decrypted with the help of a tool that costs $490. Is that a lot for you? Even if it is not, you should not pay the ransom because a decryptor will not be offered in exchange. Also, you cannot even pay the ransom without contacting the attackers first, and you are instructed to do that via email. Well, if you send messages to helpmanager@mail.ch or restoremanager@airmail.cc, you could create more problems for yourself as that could enable the attackers to flood you with other misleading messages. Do you want that? We are sure that you do not. Of course, if the free decryptor does not work, and if you also do not have copies of the files that you could use as replacements, you might be willing to take risks. If you decide to do that, make sure you are comfortable with the potential outcomes first.

Do you have copies of the documents, photos, and other files corrupted by Qlkm Ransomware? If you do, you cannot be intimidated and terrorized. Quickly delete the malicious infection, and once a trusted malware scanner – or, better yet, a legitimate anti-malware software – confirms that your system is clean, you can replace the corrupted files with copies. In the future, always have copies of the most important files stored online or on external drives. Note that you should not use internal backups because some ransomware infections can corrupt them too. If you are planning on installing anti-malware software, you do not need to think about the removal of Qlkm Ransomware much. It will be eliminated automatically. Of course, the most important task for this software is full Windows protection, and if you are not going to install security software, you will always remain at risk of facing new threats. Can you remove the ransomware manually? That should not be problematic if you can locate the launcher file.

How to delete Qlkm Ransomware

  1. Right-click the file named _readme.txt and select Delete.
  2. Right-click and Delete the launcherfile. Its name is unknown, and it could have been dropped anywhere. A few locations that you can check first include:
    • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
    • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    • %TEMP%
  3. Empty Recycle Bin if you think you have erased the infection.
  4. Employ a trusted malware scanner to help you run a system scan and check for leftovers.
Download Remover for Qlkm Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Qlkm Ransomware Screenshots:

Qlkm Ransomware
Qlkm Ransomware


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