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Trojan Generic is a computer parasite that was detected in 2008 for the first time, and ever since has been infecting and plaguing numbers of computers worldwide. This Trojan is a rather tricky case of computer security, because its name is also frequently used by rogue antispyware in fake security alert messages that the rogue sends to unsuspecting computer user. So sometimes it can be hard to say whether you are really infected with Trojan Generic or whether it is simply a fake notification from a false antivirus program.

However, Trojan Generic can also be a genuine Trojan that could cause extreme damage to your computer. The warnings that come from your computer system about suspicious activity can be indicating the presence of this Trojan. Also, other symptoms of the infection include browser hijacking and forceful redirection to malware-related sites, and crashing applications, when you are not able to run your programs the way you are used to. Then you should really take notice of Trojan Generic and remove it from your computer at once.

Needless to say, that the way you deal with this infection depends on the type of the infection. If Trojan Generic is only a part of rogue antispyware fake alert notifications, then you need to delete the rogue itself, because in such case Trojan Generic does not exist in your computer. You should take this infection more seriously if you are infected with the real Trojan Generic. The way to know whether you are infected or not is to check for the files associated with this Trojan in your system.

When Trojan Generic is installed and running, it leaves these files in your system:


You should also check, whether there are these processes running in your Windows Task Manager mhtiedmsika.exe, MapDrive.exe, kuxuy.exe, kqfrybpdlta.exe. They are associated with Trojan Generic, and that is just a small part of files that the Trojan keeps running in the background of your system. That is also one of the reasons why it is hard to remove Trojan Generic manually – there are many files and processes to kill and delete. Therefore you are advised to acquire a powerful security tool that would be capable of dealing with this Trojan. You need to understand that with this pest in your system, you privacy is breached and you personal information might be leaked over the Internet, so erase Trojan Generic as soon as possible without any trace left.

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