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Windows Performance Adviser is a dangerous computer threat that belongs to the same family of rogue antispyware as Windows Safety Toolkit and other malicious applications. This new rogue has been created to enter your computer without your knowledge or consent and then bombard you with fake security notifications, making you think that your computer is infected. Windows Performance Adviser is very good at what it does, because it looks very much like a real antivirus program, and so many inexperienced users are quick to trust this bogus program.

However, by trusting Windows Performance Adviser you would be shooting yourself in the feet, because the rogue does not care about your system’s security. The only reason Windows Performance Adviser is in your computer is money, and you have to remove Windows Performance Adviser before anything bad happens. “Bad” includes ultimate system crash and the inevitable money loss were you to trust this program and purchase the full version of it.

The reason why you cannot buy the full version of Windows Performance Adviser is that once you do so, you expose your financial information to the criminals behind this rogue and then they can make use of your credit card number and your name while performing various illegal operations, and thus in the long run rendering you penniless.

Avoid this theft and protect your computer by removing Windows Performance Adviser for good. If you cannot perform it on your own, do invest in a powerful security tool that will take care of Windows Performance Adviser for you in no time.


Since previous versions of Windows Performance Advisor have been indicated already, it is more than obvious that this rogue is part of the Rogue.VirusDoctor group of computer infections, and thus it has to be taken seriously. The more so, because Windows Performance Advisor does not go down without a fight and it will try its best to prevent you from removing it from your system.

For one, Windows Performance Advisor will not allow you to open your Internet browser along with a whole list of other executables. Without the Internet it is a lot hard to come up with the means of automatic rogue removal. And even if you are skilled in manual removal, Windows Performance Advisor will take care of that as well by blocking Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor.

If that weren't enough, you have to deal with the waves of fake security messages that are trying to feed you lies:

Keylogger activity detected. System information security is at risk.
It is recommended to activate protection and run a full system scan.

Warning! Spambot detected!
Attention! A spambot sending viruses from your e-mail has been detected on your PC.

As there is nothing real about Windows Performance Advisor, except for the danger it poses, you have to take care of this infection immediately. Even though Windows Performance Advisor can cripple your system, there is a way to overturn the table by "registering" the rogue:


Imagine that the code above is the license key and you need to enter it into the rogue's registration window. After the "activation" Windows Performance Advisor will act as if nothing has ever happened, and you will have your programs and system tools back.

Do not wait until Windows Performance Adviser comes back. Get yourself a reliable antimalware application and delete Windows Performance Adviser once and for all.

Download Remover for Windows Performance Adviser *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Windows Performance Adviser
Windows Performance Adviser
Windows Performance Adviser


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