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Sometimes one single malicious file can cause a lot of problems. Take stij.exe for example. This malicious file does all it can to avoid being detected and removed from your system. This fact alone allows us to presuppose that stij.exe is directly related to malware, and if it left alone in your system it can seriously compromise your PC. stij.exe is known to be associated with SweetIM, SmailBox, IncrediMail and similar browser plugins that are often categorized as potentially unwanted programs. Therefore, it goes without saying that stij.exe is absolutely unnecessary file as well, and you should remove it from your computer ASAP.

There are several things that this file can do. If you scan your computer with SpyHunter free scanner, you will find stij.exe hiding at C:\Windows\System32\jmdp. Depending on what its creator configures it to do, the file can generate a series of pop-up advertisements that appear each time you open your browser. That is the reason why a number of applications related to stij.exe are categorized as adware – displaying commercial advertisements without user‘s permission is definitely not someone one should tolerate. Not to mention that stij.exe can be responsible for slowing down your system, because it can create and delete system processes, thus cluttering your Task Manager with absolutely irrelevant processes.

It goes without saying that you need to remove stij.exe from your computer. However, even if you delete it manually after having found it in your system, it is possible for the file to regenerate and the start terrorizing you again. Thus, you need to run a full system scan and once all the undesirable files and programs are detected, remove it with a legitimate antimalware program that will also protect your system from similar infections in the future. Also, be sure to steer away from unfamiliar websites that could be involved in malware distribution.

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