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Adware.SweetIM is an adware application that is supposed to perform a messenger function. According to various sources SweetIM causes a lot of problems to the user. It is commonly called a "virus", but in reality it is not a real computer virus. Adware.SweetIM is an adware application that tracks your browsing habits and then provide you with "unwanted" commercial advertisements, trying to make some revenue for various suspicious websites. Thus, Adware.SweetIM has to be removed from your computer if you want to avoid being infected by other malware.

Usually Adware.SweetIM is installed on your computer without your permission and then it changes browser settings by setting a different homepage. You will also notice that most of your searches are redirected to websites you were not planning to visit. Most of the time you are redirected to those websites that use pay-per-click system to generate revenue. It is also possible to land on a website that might have some infected files. Such situations lead to further infections, so in a way Adware.SweetIM indirectly can be responsible for infecting you with even more dangerous malware.

Usually adware and toolbars that come with them should be easy to remove from the computers. However, the toolbar that comes with Adware.SweetIM does not have any uninstall feature provided, even if Adware.SweetIM's files are all located at C:\Program Files. This is a legitimate location for any program that is installed on your computer, yet the fact that Adware.SweetIM does not allow you to remove it just like that raises a question whether it really is a useful application.

If you look at it further, you will see that such files as xqfaji.exe, crrss.exe or xmxt.exe, that are directly related to Adware.SweetIM, are classified as computer malware. Therefore, it should be clear that this program cannot remain in your system any longer.

It is highly recommended to remove Adware.SweetIM with an antimalware tool that will scan for other possible infections. Since this adware does not have an uninstall utility, manual removal could prove to be tedious especially if you are not a computer expert. Put your trust in a legitimate antimalware program and delete Adware.SweetIM at once.

Download Remover for Adware.SweetIM *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Adware.SweetIM technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1Extension64.dll215384 bytesMD5: 2eb7771cff249d574b26b98ad0e9213e
2prxtbappb.dll226592 bytesMD5: 02d550437bd96f4b2add86fd4073e60e
3xmxt.exe442368 bytesMD5: 9c23ecf21c7d5ac34bbacbf23f537b3a
4xqfaji.exe22016 bytesMD5: ca6551e16849718240091a1f4e7ae490
5DevWebAgent.dll143360 bytesMD5: e61907120bcb10e1ba91dda5454f4973
6vpsqac.exe360960 bytesMD5: 59585389d756e02184957340fb514efe
7Extension32.dll170840 bytesMD5: b5602f4db9b04e8bf14bd920ced81851
8USDownloader.exe547840 bytesMD5: 57c3d3cd8d2c2863ce09cd1f41836718
9mgHelper.dll187192 bytesMD5: e0a8ea5db2e02b3237e4fcd631a79c60
10iPhoneRecoveryFix.exe197632 bytesMD5: 1b37d00e720402a902d9b9bb2182e8bb
11crrss.exe43520 bytesMD5: 3bbea3f0047085ffee80bf0326840758
12aopnaaguwewryg.exe61440 bytesMD5: b35054c47844740352fd12147a1335cb
13SweetPacksUpdateManager.exe295728 bytesMD5: 45945f39f2f6d08a0faec275e68ffc5a
1425.exe126976 bytesMD5: e92d2186100d900c7c56b4f875abf1de
15SweetIM.exe106496 bytesMD5: 5b68d4e25382ea00bafdccd43e9531b2
16hDNYrohYYsM.exe451356 bytesMD5: cc813c29bf35e72fa8c1724773b7c3e7
17ExtensionUpdaterService.exe188760 bytesMD5: 1ba417f51bf6715f2a98014e4c093eb4
18_ex-68.exe886272 bytesMD5: c6cf379023f8d74dd223477d01d2b5ea
19eu2i.exe71564 bytesMD5: 43ad23c90590136f4ff51c097d28065d
20QueblesAutoUpdate.exe23232 bytesMD5: 89b6f57510493ff50ac0dcf25eb1d899
21mgToolbarIE.dll1345336 bytesMD5: dcdc2136dd8f0f6ec522c75d6b2271f7
22iccmp.dll98304 bytesMD5: 5fcd9d5e9af8dbdfdaa118bf570904fa
23bclm.exe71557 bytesMD5: 8af4d2267051abe2f29769b0b64f6283

Memory Processes Created:

# Process Name Process Filename Main module size
1xmxt.exexmxt.exe442368 bytes
2xqfaji.exexqfaji.exe22016 bytes
3vpsqac.exevpsqac.exe360960 bytes
4USDownloader.exeUSDownloader.exe547840 bytes
5iPhoneRecoveryFix.exeiPhoneRecoveryFix.exe197632 bytes
6crrss.execrrss.exe43520 bytes
7aopnaaguwewryg.exeaopnaaguwewryg.exe61440 bytes
8SweetPacksUpdateManager.exeSweetPacksUpdateManager.exe295728 bytes
925.exe25.exe126976 bytes
10SweetIM.exeSweetIM.exe106496 bytes
11hDNYrohYYsM.exehDNYrohYYsM.exe451356 bytes
12ExtensionUpdaterService.exeExtensionUpdaterService.exe188760 bytes
13_ex-68.exe_ex-68.exe886272 bytes
14eu2i.exeeu2i.exe71564 bytes
15QueblesAutoUpdate.exeQueblesAutoUpdate.exe23232 bytes
16bclm.exebclm.exe71557 bytes


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