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Hotbar is a browser plugin that should be treated as a dangerous adware application, despite being represented as a helpful and innovative add-on. The program is compatible with IE 6/7/8, Firefox 3.6/4.0, MS Outlook and Outlook Express, and is based on the data collected from spying on your browsing habits and collecting other highly sensitive information, which schemers could use to lure you into downloading more malicious programs or spending your money on useless, illegitimate applications, like Live Security Platinum. The cunning program could breach the security of the Windows Registry, add its products, allow automatic running and make it impossible for you to remove Hotbar from the computer. Despite this, the main task for this browser plugin is to produce an avalanche of malignant, misleading advertisements.

It has been found out that Hotbar is closely linked to such websites as,,, and, all of which can be linked to adware attacks. Additionally, it is also known that the plugin may be connected to, and other similar websites, which are to blame for bundled downloads of malicious software. Some of the programs that could be used by cyber criminals are Lime Wire, eMule and OpenOffice; therefore, if Hotbar is installed within your browser and some pop-up ad is offering you download any of these programs for free, be aware that malicious applications could be attached. These additional programs could steal your login data, utilize personal accounts for malware propagation and could bring you financial loss, which is why it would be best to have Hotbar removed immediately.

Legitimate browser plugins should be easy to remove; however, the malicious Hotbar will do everything to prevent you from disrupting its malignant processes. For this reason, the ad-on will even jeopardize search results so that you could not find the required information about its removal. If you think that having Hotbar deleted from the Control Panel list will do the job, you are very wrong, as multiple components dropped within the Local Disk will help the plugin to regenerate on command. Therefore, you should make the best use of automatic removal tools and have the add-on deleted now.

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