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Lately quite a few users have been plagued by annoying rogue antispyware that infect websites and then forcefully redirects the visitors to its own page. Since these “antivirus” pages are supposedly powered by Google, the rogue is called Fake Google Antivirus. Needless to say, that the messages received from this malicious program are not real. Not to mention that currently there is no antimalware application that would be really powered by Google.

Just like any other piece of rogue antispyware, Fake Google Antivirus also wants to convince the user that his or her computer is compromised and therefore he or she must download the suggested antivirus program, otherwise the Google servers will remain blocked. This message is delivered via the following notification that pops up onto Google’s logo:

Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer. Please check you PC on viruses.
To continue, please download and install our antivirus software
Or our system will block your access to Google services.

As of now, it is not entirely clear how Fake Google Antivirus is going about ripping the users off, because that is actually the main thing that rogue antispyware does. Usually, in other cases of rogue infections, if the user downloads something, that program usually installs itself without the user’s permission and then terrorizes him until he pays for non-existent service. In Fake Google Antivirus’s case, however, once the user clicks “Download” on false warning, he receives a password-protected archive file called Trojan.Win32.Fakeav.tri.

It is more than obvious that a file such a name is no part of an antimalware program. Therefore, you should not trust Fake Google Antivirus, even though it perfectly meddles with your Internet browsing. You should get yourself a powerful antimalware tool and scan your system, in order to delete Fake Google Antivirus and the primary source of this infection. Do not wait any longer, because Trojans and rogues seldom come alone, and if you do nothing about Fake Google Antivirus, system will be brimming with malware before you know it.

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