Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus Removal Guide

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Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus is a term that can be used to refer to bogus Facebook applications which seek to access the system and steal login credentials. Usually, such programs are spread when the user clicks on the link promoting a program or a video. Not only is the user’s account affected after clicking on the link but also Facebook friends get the same link either in the form of a personal message or wall post. There are several types of Facebook virus, including computer threats which aim to take control over the user’s Facebook account and insecure applications which circulate only on the social networking websites. In the case of the first type of Facebook Automatic Wall Post virus, a powerful spyware removal tool should be used.

For example, there a computer worm called Koobface, which uses the compromised computers for building a peer-to-peer botnet. This technique allows attackers to install particular applications on the infected computer, which may result in the slowdown of the system, poisoned search results page, and the like. Koobface was found to spread mainly as a link to a video. Once the user clicks on the link, he or she is asked to download supposedly necessary updates or a video codec to watch the video, which actually means that the users download a new computer infection. Usually, the link to a video is provided by a Facebook friend, which means that his or her account is already infected, which is why the links is visible on the wall.

Different videos can be provided by Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus, that is, they are likely to contain different headings to attract the user’s attention. For example, Facebook Automatic Wall Post virus may be labeled as “this is without doubt the sexiest video ever” or “Yeahh! It happened on live television!”. Ignore suspicious Facebook wall posts added by your friends, and before clicking on them, make sure that they are safe.

The worm can steal confidential information, block your access to some websites, provide you with advertisements, download new files and receive various commands from the remote attackers. The removal of such a threat is a must, which should be done using a spyware removal tool.

If a malicious Facebook application, the so-called Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus, does not affect the system, you still need to remove it from your account. Change your passwords, erase Facebook apps that you do not use, delete all the post that have been posted automatically, and inform your friends about it. If some malicious link is posted to your friends’ wall from your account, remove them, too.

In order to protect the operating system, you should implement a reputable spyware removal tool. We recommend that you install SpyHunter because this application can safeguard the system against various types of computer threats and save your time.

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