Cyber Command of Nevada virus Removal Guide

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Do not panic if your computer access is restricted by a message with President Obama’s face on it. It says that your computer has been blocked by the USA Cyber Crime Investigation squad due to the fact that you have been involved in a variety of illegal activities, but the entire notification is scam. You have been infected by Cyber Command of Nevada virus that is a variation of USA Cyber Crime Investigation Virus, targeting computer users particular in the state of Nevada. In order to remove Cyber Command of Nevada virus from your computer you need to restore your desktop access by following the instructions below this description.

Cyber Command of Nevada virus is not the only infection that terrorizes computer users in the United States. It is the latest ransomware program version that comes from the Ukash Virus family. It means that Cyber Command of Nevada virus is very similar to FBI MoneyPak Virus, NSA Virus, Metropolitan Police Virus and so on. Actually, it is practically the same as Cyber Command of Texas Virus, Cyber Command of New York Virus and similar infections – the program merely changes its title and interface based on your state of residence.

However, despite this novelty this infection still makes use of its old tricks. For one, it is distributed by Urausy Trojan, although it may also be installed on your system by a stealth rootkit. Either way, disregarding its means of distribution, Cyber Command of Nevada virus still exhibits the same infection symptoms – your computer gets locked and your are displayed the following notification:

You are accused of viewing/storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape etc). You have violated World Declaration on non-proliferation of child pornography. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of United States of America criminal law.

Amount of fine is 300$. You can settle the fine with MoneyPak or MoneyGram xpress Packet vouchers.

To make matters worse, Cyber Command of Nevada virus gives you “only” 48 hours to pay up the fine. Take note of the fact that the infection makes use of alternative payment systems in order to collect the ransom money. These alternative payment systems have nothing to do with cyber criminals, but they enable the people behind Cyber Command of Nevada virus and similar infections to collect payments from a wider circle of victims as alternative payment systems does not require you to have either a credit card or a bank account.

Nevertheless, no matter how threatening the message may look you need to understand that Cyber Command of Nevada virus is by no means related to law enforcement authorities and the only thing this infection wants is your money. Not to mention that Cyber Command of Nevada virus would never unlock your PC no matter how many times you would transfer the supposed “fine”.

Unlock your PC right now and then invest in a powerful computer security application to remove Cyber Command of Nevada virus for good. At the same time you will be able to safeguard the system against similar malicious infections.

How to unlock my PC

Windows 8

  1. Press Windows key and metro GUI will open.
  2. Click the built-in Internet Explorer tile.
  3. Enter into the address bar and press Enter.
  4. Click Run on a download dialog box and install SpyHunter.
  5. Run a full system scan.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Reboot the PC and tap F8 repeatedly when BIOS screen disappears.
  2. If you see Windows logo show up, reboot the PC and try again.
  3. Use arrow keys to navigate and select Safe Mode with Networking. Press Enter.
  4. Access and download SpyHunter.
  5. Install the program and scan your computer.

Windows XP

  1. Follow the steps above from 1 to 3.
  2. When confirmation box appears, click Yes.
  3. Download SpyHunter.
  4. Open Start menu and click Run.
  5. Enter “msconfig” and press OK.
  6. Open Startup tab on System Configuration Utility.
  7. Click Disable all and press OK to save changes.
  8. Reboot the PC in Normal Mode.
  9. Install SpyHunter and launch a full system scan.

Contact us by leaving comment below if you need any help with Cyber Command of Nevada virus’s removal.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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