Bundespolizei Virus Removal Guide

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Bundespolizei Virus is a variety of Ukash Virus that is a ransomware application aiming for your money. There is a huge number of fake security messages that belong to the Ukash Virus family, each and ever one of them targeting different users in different countries and different languages. Even a ransomware application that targets users in the same country might have a lot of versions. This applies to Bundespolizei Virus as well. There are at least five different messages that belong to this category and all of them claim that the user has been suspended (or his computer has been blocked) because illegal online activity has been detected.

Usually the message starts this way:

Ein Vorgang illegaler Aktivitaten wurde erkannt.

Then it goes on and accuses you of watching child pornography, bestiality and other disturbing material online, for you (it would seem) your computer has been locked by the Federal police. The message also indicates which operating system you're using (Windows XP, Vista or 7), then it denotes your country, city, IP and the ISP. Needless to say, that Bundespolizei Virus targets German speaking users with German IPs, but actually there are a lot of other forms of Ukash Virus that also infected computers in France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada and other countries.

Bundespolizei Virus is directly related to FBI Moneypak, Nederlands Politie Virus, Federal Bureau Investigation Virus and other similar infection. The bottom line is that it is an absolute hoax and you should never pay the ransom (100 Euro). Your money will be lost, and you would expose your financial information to a third party, resulting in further illegal bank account access.

To stop this from happening and to get your computer back, first and foremost you need to get back your desktop. This task is not that hard, all you have to do is:

  1. Restart your computer and load Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8 while the system boots.
  2. When Safe Mode with Networking loads, access the Internet and acquire a good antimalware program that will help you to remove Bundespolizei Virus from your computer.
  3. Open Start Menu and type "msconfig" into the Search box, to load System Configuration. When it does, click the Startup tab and make sure that all programs set to load together with the system are "un-checked".
  4. Restart your computer in normal mode and delete Bundespolizei Virus with the program you have downloaded.

If you have any problem removing Bundespolizei Virus, do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment in our comment box.

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