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Antiprotect is definitely a piece of computer software you wouldn't want to have on your PC, not only because it is in Korean (presumably you do not speak the language), but because it is a fake antivirus software. Fake AVs (or rogue antispyware) are malicious computer infections that pretend they can protect your computer from harm, while in fact they want to steal your money.Antiprotect is exactly the kind of program with a Korean interface that says it is your strong partner that helps you keep your PC healthy. Naturally, these claims are nothing, but lies, because all this program wants is your money. Therefore, you need to remove Antiprotect from your system right now.

No matter what languages fake AVs "speak", their behavior is still very similar. Thus, the same fake AV behavioral pattern can be applied to Antiprotect as well. For example, it enters your system surreptitiously, and then performs a full system scan the moment your system loads. Antiprotect is quick to jump into action, because it performs registry changes that allow the program to autostart together with Windows.

During the scan Antiprotect finds over a 1000 elements that can supposedly leak your private information to cyber criminals. The number of these malicious infections differs with each scan you perform, sometimes Antiprotect finds only 15 threats:

개인 사용흔적 (노출가능아이디/비밀번호/미디어접근기록/웹 사이트 접근기록 등) 총 15건이 검색되었습니다.

삭제를 권장합니다.


The message says that there have been found 15 "traces" of personal information utilization (IDs, passwords, website browsing history etc.) and Antiprotect suggests you to remove all these pieces of data in order to protect your privacy. However, if you try to do as the program asks, you will see that it requires you to purchase the license in order to protect your personal information.

It is unlikely to reach this stage of the infection if you do not speak the language, but do NOT reveal your personal information or credit card data to Antiprotect, otherwise your money will definitely be stolen by cyber criminals. Close Antiprotect immediately, and perform a full system scan with SpyHunter free scan that will detect all the elements on this infection. Invest in a reliable antimalware tool to remove Antiprotect from your system for good.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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