An Garda Siochana Virus Removal Guide

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You might recognize An Garda Siochana Virus layout, if you have seen the screenshots of the Metropolitan Police Virus. Both of these ransomware infections belong to the group of Ukash viruses, also known as Paysafecard viruses. The group consists of tens of malicious programs, whose components may travel via various security backdoors and are meant to reconfigure the Windows Registry. This is needed so that your control over the system would be removed, your computer’s screen would be locked and a bogus police warning would be presented. Most Windows users are likely to have troubles with An Garda Siochana Virus removal; however, if you continue reading, you will find all information needed for successful infection’s dissolution.

The registry value of your screen will be changed to remove your access to those Windows components which could help you delete An Garda Siochana Virus. Cyber criminals are well aware that this is the only way to protect the ransomware from removal and make you read through the system’s lock-down notification:

Your computer has been locked by the automated information control system (AICS)
What is the reason?
This could be due to one of the following reasons:
1. Your computer has been used to view banned Web sites
2. Your computer has been used to view Web sites containing child pornography
3. Your computer has been used to illicit information exchange
4. Your computer has been used for storing/viewing pirated content

If you pay attention to the fake notification, you might start thinking that An Garda Síochána (Ireland’s National Police Service) has, in fact, carried out an investigation of cyber activity within your personal computer. Nonetheless, this is how cyber criminals will try to convince you that you need to obey the “Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012” and pay a 100 Euro fine. Without a doubt, you should not even think about making any payments or contacting This email address is not legitimate and by contacting it you would simply allow schemers to record your email and data included (e.g. full name).

Even though the most annoying symptom of the malicious An Garda Siochana Virus will be the initiated system’s lock-down, there are other high-risk processes that could be performed. If your computer is turned on and you cannot access the desktop it does not mean that cyber criminals are waiting for your payment and it is possible that your computer is being infected with more malicious infections. In fact, it might already be too late, which is why you should only consider automatic An Garda Siochana Virus removal.

To unlock the PC and install legal tools to delete the virus, you need to reboot your Windows system into Safe Mode with Networking, download and install automatic removal software and continue regular Windows running after restarting. This will not work on Windows XP, whose users will only be able to install security applications after disabling Startup programs from the MSConfig and restarting the PC. If you have any more questions – do not hesitate to contact our support team by posting a comment below.

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