Win32/Sirefef.DT Removal Guide

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`Sirefef Trojan family has quite a few parasites behind its belt. Win32/Sirefef.DT is one of these Trojans that come from the same nest and it also makes its own contribution as a ZeroAccess rootkit agent. Since Win32/Sirefef.DT belongs to the Sirefef family, even though it is a Trojan, it can also easily function as a keylogger or a botnet. It means that if you are infected with Win32/Sirefef.DT your personal information might be exposed to a third party, because the Trojan can store sensitive information (like banking logins and passwords) by the means of keylogging.

However, that is not the main function of Win32/Sirefef.DT. This Trojan is widely classified as a backdoor. Just like it’s previous version Win32/Sirefef.CH, Win32/Sirefef.DT can make use of the loopholes in your computer’s security to open it up for even more dangerous malware. As a result, this infection can lead to something more serious and before you know it, you might be infected with worms, rogue antispyware and other computer threats that not only damages your system to the point of no return, but also tries to extort your hard-earned money.

In order for Win32/Sirefef.DT to function as a backdoor it has to connect to the internet without your knowledge and permission. The Trojan connects to a remote server where it gathers instructions and downloads other arbitrary files, ready to execute them on your system. To put it simply, Win32/Sirefef.DT is the lesser of the two evils, and if you want to avoid being infected by something terrible, you have to terminate Win32/Sirefef.DT right when you notice that something is wrong.

Obviously, it is hard to determine the infection, because Win32/Sirefef.DT does not have an interface, but do look for Trojan-related processes in your Windows Task Manager. You can find the full list of malicious files and processes below this description. If there is any of these processes running in the Task Manager, get yourself a powerful security tool and remove Win32/Sirefef.DT for good. Keep in mind that this Trojan might have rootkits, so you need to run the full system scan for a few times, until all the Trojan-related files are gone for good.

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