Virus Shield 2009 Removal Guide

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Virus Doctor and Virus Alarm now have a new member of the family called Virus Shield 2009. It is a malicious computer threat otherwise known as rogue antispyware application. Virus Shield 2009 has been created to look like a reliable antivirus program that fits seamlessly into the layout of your operating system. By doing so, it is able to trick a lot of unsuspecting users into trusting it and doing what the program wants. And the only thing Virus Shield 2009 wants is your money.

Usually this rogue is distributed by various annoying pop-ups that appear in your screen when you browse random suspicious websites. In fact, sometimes even the most genuine web pages have a lot of pop-ups because the administrators do not review the content of advertisements that appear on their site. One click on such pop-up leads to Virus Shield 2009’s infection, as the rogue downloads and installs itself automatically. It does not need to prompt you about anything.

When you click on the pop up you might be redirected to a fake online malware scanner that would insist on scanning your computer for possible dangerous threats. With one single click on the scanner you would download Virus Shield 2009 and then you would be up for a long fight, because the rogue springs into action automatically the next time you boot your Windows.

The rogue claims that you need to “Register Virus Shield 2009 to get full protection against potentially unwanted software, viruses, and malware.” It also sends you these fake security messages:

Your system is making an unauthorized personal data transfer to remote computer!

Warning! Unauthorized personal data transfer is detected! It may be your personal credit card details, logins and passwords, browsing habits or information about files you have downloaded.

Data interception was detected while visiting a web site

They are here to make you believe that you have a lot of parasites in your system and Virus Shield 2009 can protect you from harm. However, in order to delete the malware that the rogue has “detected” you would need to register the program, and that is definitely not recommended because by doing so you would reveal your banking information to cyber criminals and your money would be definitely stolen from you.

Remove Virus Shield 2009 from your computer before it slowed down your system to the point it could no longer be operable. All the symptoms that the rogue informs you about are generated by Virus Shield 2009 itself and you should never trust this worthless program. Invest in a legitimate antispyware software that will make sure that Virus Shield 2009 is deleted from your system for good.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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