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Once your operating Windows system is attacked by the treacherous Trojan Wincod, you are likely to face tens of different pop-up notifications warning you about fake computer dysfunctions. The devious threat can attack different versions of Windows, including Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, without much of your notice. It has been discovered that the malicious Trojan can access the PC after the illicit infiltration of WinCodecPro software. This is why it is exceptionally important to avoid downloading freeware and pirated software from suspicious sources and illegal P2P file-distribution systems. Overall, it is a must to delete Trojan Wincod before schemers manage to trick you into downloading more malicious programs or wasting money on fake codec updates.

Also known as Trojan.SystemHijack.C or Trojan:Win32/SystemHijack.gen!C, the vicious Trojan Wincod may flood your system with such deceitful pop-ups:

Fatal Error! The media system on your computer is corrupt. Update your video codec immediately to resolve this issue.

Fatal Error: Windows can't play the following media formats:
Update your video codec to resolve this issue.

These notifications are fake despite being presented through the Task Bar, where all authentic Windows notifications are represented. If you have noticed these bogus alerts (or similar), you should rush to scan the PC and delete Trojan Wincod. The removal should be initiated if you notice unauthorized rerouting to as well. The site offers you quick web searches using such categories as Streaming Video, Spyware Removal, Tickets or Dvd Video. It is not recommended suing the website because this could lead you to adware attacks and virtual scams.

The malicious Trojan is composed of such dangerous files as Server.exe. This component can hijack system processes, employ rootkits to aggravate manual removal operations and download more dangerous files onto the system. What is more, the malicious executable can retrieve your passwords and usernames using special keystroke/mouse-click and screen content recording codes. This could be used to connect to your personal IM accounts and spread malware across the web. Have you noticed a suspicious pop-up telling you “Trojan.Wincod – Trojan Found!”? Then it is possible that your PC is infected with the rogue antispyware Personal Antivirus. Whether the PC has been corrupted by a fake AV tool or the malicious Trojan – you need to remove malware as soon as possible.

Only if you have extensive manual removal experience should you delete Trojan Wincod manually. Otherwise, you can employ automatic threat detection/removal application SpyHunter to delete running infections. All in all, it is important that you remove Trojan Wincod right away because with time passing by schemers could drop much more dangerous infections. Do you want to deal with banking information stealers or paralyzing ransomware infections? Then delete the Trojan and employ authentic security software to safeguard the Windows system.

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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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