Zixer2 Ransomware Removal Guide

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Zixer2 Ransomware is a newly discovered computer infection that can infect your computer secretly and then encrypt many of your personal files so that its developers could demand money from you. However, you should refrain from paying the ransom and look for a free decryption tool. You should also remove this program regardless of whether you got a free decryption tool because you cannot trust this ransomware’s creators to keep their promise and give you the decryption key once you have paid. In this short article, we will discuss what this ransomware does, how it is distributed, and how you can get rid of it safely.

Zixer2 Ransomware is in many ways similar to Globe Ransomware and Purge Ransomware. However, we cannot guarantee you that all three of them come from the same developers. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves as our research has shown that they work in a similar manner. We have found that Zixer2 Ransomware uses the Tiny Encryption Algorithm encryption that uses 128-bit key and 64-bit data block. However, some iterations of this ransomware might also use the Blowfish algorithm. Regardless of the encryption method used, the files are encrypted with a strong cipher that denies you access to your files.

The list of files that this ransomware is capable of encrypting is impressive, so there is no doubt that it can encrypt most of your personal files. It is set to target your documents, images, audio and video files, file archives and many other obscure file formats. Depending on the iteration, this ransomware appends the encrypted files with a zixer1, .zixer2, .krya or .raid20 file extension. The extension signals that the file has been encrypted and that is why you cannot access it.

Provided that the encryption is successful, this ransomware is set to drop a ransom note that can be called Read Me Please.hta, README.hta or Important Information.hta in many places on your PC. Let us say that it drops Important Information.hta. This file is set to open on each system startup and to do that this ransomware launches mshta.exe and runs the "C:\Users\{UserName}\Important Information.hta" command. It creates a registry keys at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run named Important Information and mshta.exe with value data set to "C:\Users\user\Important Information.hta." The note provides you with a contact email address at Datares@india.com for you to contact the developers and receive instructions on how to pay the ransom.

We have discovered that Zixer2 Ransomware is distributed through malicious emails that are sent to random email addresses. The emails contain a zipped file attachment that features this ransomware’s main executable file and the file is named randomly. If you extract and run it, then this ransomware should create a copy of itself in %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete the original file you launched. The copied file will stay there indefinitely unless you get rid of it and we very much encourage you to do so.

In closing, Zixer2 Ransomware is a program designed to encrypt your personal files and demand that you pay money to get them back. However, you do not have to rush as we have received information that a free decryption program is on the way, so if your computer has become infected with this ransomware, we suggest that you remove it using SpyHunter or the removal guide below and keep the encrypted files and wait for a decryption tool to appear.

Ho to delete Zixer2 Ransomware

  1. Simultaneously hold down Wins+E keys.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA% in the File Explorer’s address box.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Find the randomly named malicious executable.
  5. Right-click it and click Delete.
  6. Close File Explorer.
  7. Find all copies of README.hta/Important Information.hta/Read Me Please.hta and delete them.

Delete the registry keys

  1. Simultaneously hold down Win+R keys.
  2. Enter regedit in the box and click OK.
  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  4. Find a key named Important Information and mshta.exe with value data “C:\Users\{UserName}\\Important Information.hta
  5. Right-click it and click Delete.
  6. Empty the Recycle Bin.
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