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Researchers at have not found a malicious application named Zippyshare, but they have found a dubious website having this name – At first glance, it seems to be an ordinary file-sharing website, but if you look at it closer, you will see that it contains a bunch of fake buttons and annoying pop-ups. It is not the only drawback of Zippyshare. Specialists say that it might be responsible for redirections to unreliable third-party websites too. You should not visit this website if you can. We cannot allow you to download applications from this website too. Yes, it contains a ton of programs users consider useful, but you should still not download anything from it because the chances are high that you will install harmful malicious software on your computer. Dubious file-sharing websites might contain anything from potentially unwanted programs to Trojans. Some untrustworthy programs are less harmful than others, but they will all cause problems to you. Have you recently downloaded new software from If this is why you are reading this report, we suggest that you closely inspect all installed applications. If untrustworthy software is found, it must be erased completely. will not automatically download malicious software on your computer if you enter it, but it is only a question of time when you will end up with malware if you keep downloading software from this website. As our researchers have observed, this file-sharing website not only contains various advertisements and can cause redirections to untrustworthy websites, but it might also contain fake buttons. If you click on any of them expecting that the download of reliable software will start, you will initiate the malware download. Theoretically, you might download anything from If you click on a wrong button or a malicious advertisement, you might end up with adware, potentially unwanted programs, or even browser hijackers and Trojans. Not all malicious applications are equally bad. For example, a potentially unwanted application is far from a Trojan infection, but it does not mean that you can keep less dangerous application installed.

As mentioned, technically, is an ordinary file-sharing website that allows uploading files, but our piece of advice for you would be not to download any uploaded applications from it since it might contain buttons, links, and advertisements leading straight to malware. There are hundreds of different websites you might download bad software from, but it does not mean that P2P websites are the only ones that distribute untrustworthy software. Cyber criminals use various tricks to install malware on users’ computers. For example, they might send you an email with a malicious link or attachment, or they might set up installers that install harmful software next to free applications. Since there are so many different methods to promote harmful software, it would be a huge mistake to leave the system unprotected. Security specialists say that users must have a security application installed on their PCs and keep it active 24/7 to prevent the entrance of harmful computer infections. It does not mean that you can download software from suspicious websites, click on random links/advertisements or open spam emails if there is an antimalware tool installed on your computer.

If you have recently downloaded software from Zippyshare, you should scan it with diagnostic software. We do not say that it is necessarily malware, but if it turns out to be untrustworthy software, you must remove it from your computer as soon as possible. Some threats are easier to remove than others, for example, you will probably erase a potentially unwanted program using Control Panel but it will be several times harder to erase a Trojan infection. We suggest leaving the removal of sophisticated malware for an automated malware remover.

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