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Zeromax Stealer can slip in on your system and leak your sensitive information, such as banking details. Our specialists say that the threat was classified as a Trojan as it can enter a system without a user realizing it. Also, the malicious application belongs to the category of spyware. It can obtain various information and provide hackers with remote access to the targeted device, which might make it possible to spy on victims. If you want to know more about it, we encourage you to read the rest of this article. If you believe that this Trojan settled in on your computer, we advise you to take immediate action. If you want to remove Zeromax Stealer manually, you could try to use the instructions located below. However, it is crucial to understand that if you want to eliminate this spyware application entirely, it might be best to use a reliable security tool that could take care of it.

So far, there is no information on how the malware is distributed. Specialists say that Zeromax Stealer could be spread like other similar Trojans. For example, the malicious application’s launcher could be distributed with fake updates, software installers, or game cracks obtained from unreliable file-sharing websites, pop-ups, ads, or other untrustworthy sources. Therefore, you should never download data from questionable sources if you do not want to receive malware. Moreover, specialists say that the Trojan could travel with spam emails, so we highly recommend opening attachments only if you are one hundred percent sure that they are harmless. You could scan received or downloaded files with a reliable antimalware tool of your choice to be certain of it.

According to our researchers, their tested variant did not need to create any copies of its launcher or any other malicious data on an infected computer. In other words, Zeromax Stealer might run from the directory where its launcher was downloaded and opened. Once it starts running, it could attempt to steal your sensitive information. For example, it might try to obtain your banking login credentials when you check your account or purchase anything online. The malware could try to get other kinds of sensitive information too. Specialists say that the threat might be programmed to steal the login credentials of PayPal, eBay, Amazon, and similar accounts. Usually, hackers use the obtained sensitive and personal data to steal a victim’s identity, perform various scams, or sell the stolen information to other hackers who might find a use for it. Thus, one way or another, it is highly likely that you and your privacy might be in danger if your system got infected with this Trojan. Naturally, to prevent as much damage as possible, you should erase Zeromax Stealer as quickly as you can.

Of course, deleting Zeromax Stealer might be a difficult task as such Trojans are often capable of hiding. The sample we tested had no copies, which is why our specialists were able to erase it by completing the deletion steps available below this article. We cannot be sure that they will help in every case, which is why we recommend removing Zeromax Stealer with a reliable antimalware tool that could get rid of it for good.

Restart the device in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. Tap Win+I or navigate to the Start menu and click the Power button.
  2. Tap and hold Shift and click Restart.
  3. Select Troubleshoot and choose Advanced Options.
  4. Pick Startup Settings and press Restart.
  5. Click the F5 key to reboot the system.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Open Start, press Shutdown options and tap Restart.
  2. Press and hold the F8 key when your computer is restarting.
  3. Wait till you see the Advanced Boot Options window.
  4. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.
  5. Press Enter and log on to your computer.

Get rid of Zeromax Stealer

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Locate the following directories:
  3. Find the malicious applications installer; it might be any recently downloaded file.
  4. Right-click the doubtful file and select Delete.
  5. Leave File Explorer.
  6. Empty Recycle bin.
  7. Reboot the device.
  8. Perform a full system scan with a reliable antimalware tool of your choice.
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