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Zebrouss.com is yet another Yahoo-powered search engine that has been classified as a browser hijacker due to its dissemination techniques. This search engine only comes bundled with malicious software installers that inject this search engine into a browser without notifying the user. Therefore, you should remove this browser hijacker provided that your computer has become infected with it. Indeed, Zebrouss.com is nothing short of an infection that not only modifies your browser’s settings but will also subject your computer to all kinds of potentially dangerous digital content. Also, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it will collect information about you that will be used for advertising and marketing purposes. Nothing good will come from this seemingly reliable search engine, so we suggest getting rid of it ASAP.

Zebrouss.com is yet another browser hijacker released by Genieo Innovation, an Israel-based malware developing company started in 2010. Since then, this company has released plenty of malicious applications, but now we see that it has switched to creating browser hijackers. Zebrouss.com is by no means a one-off search engine since we only recently wrote about its clone called Search.feelbegin.com. We call them clones because they look and work the same, the only difference being the name and a few other trivial details.

We have found that Genieo Innovation uses a very deceptive method for distributing Zebrouss.com and its clones. Genieo Innovation uses a legitimate software as a sort of façade that is set to divert attention from the fact that it has been bundled with malicious applications. While in most cases you can opt out the installation of unwanted programs, you cannot, however, remove Zebrouss.com.

This browser hijacker comes with software installers that secretly impose it on your browser, thus the installer changes your browser’s homepage to Zebrouss.com. Unlike most browser hijackers in the past, this one does not modify the browser’s Target line so you should get rid of it without any difficulty. However, we want to warn those of you who choose to use Zebrouss.com for conducting their searches that it is an unreliable search engine simply because it features promotional links that come from unverified sources. It is quite common for browser hijackers to promote various potentially unwanted programs, rogue antivirus applications, adware, and so on. So we believe that this hijacker can also do this.

Also, Zebrouss.com can also gather non-personally identifiable information about you that is used to customize the ads in accordance to your browsing preferences. Therefore, this hijacker will obtain information, such as your browsing and search history, IP address, approximate geographical location, and Internet service provider, among other types of information. You might not want to be subjected to custom search results that contain ads from unreliable entities, so we recommend that you delete Zebrouss.com.

Keeping this browser hijacker would be a mistake because it is bound to compromise your system’s security with its promotions that you might accidentally click and initiate a chain reaction of infections. The risk of this happening is rather small, but plausible nonetheless. Please consult the instructions on how to change your browser’s homepage, but keep in mind that since there can be more than one version of this hijacker, the same method might not bring the desired results.

Remove Zebrouss.com

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+T and click Options.
  2. Select General tab.
  3. Enter a new address in the Home Page bar.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and click Internet Options.
  2. Enter a new address in the Home page bar.
  3. Click OK.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  2. Locate the On Startup list and select Set pages.
  3. Enter a new Startup page.
  4. Click OK.
Download Remover for Zebrouss.com *
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