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XXXCounter is a tracking cookie from the XXXCounter website. If you have cookies enable on your browser, the website injects the cookie the moment you land on the respectable webpage. XXXCounter tracking cookie gathers information about your browsing activities, various preferences and your main search keywords. The information gathered by the cookie can be used for marketing purposes, but sometimes when tracking cookies are hacked by a third party, and then they can collect your personal data and send it away to a remote server.

Also, XXXCounter tracking cookie can be used to direct a stream of pop-up advertisements at you. It will definitely happen if you visit This adult website is known to have the XXXCounter cookie that gets injected into your browser the moment you open the website. If you want to get rid of annoying pop-up ads, you have to remove XXXCounter from your computer.

Even though the cookie is not a dangerous threat on its own, the pop-up advertisements that are delivered can redirect you to possibly dangerous websites and then you will get infected with dangerous malware. Therefore, do not click on any pop-up ad that appears on your screen, and terminate XXXCounter as soon as you can.

If you cannot delete the cookie on your own using your browser settings, we recommend downloading a computer security application that categorizes cookies as potentially unwanted programs. This way, you will be able to delete XXXCounter automatically, and your computer's system will be safeguarded against other threats. In case you have been infected with other malware, the computer security program of choice will take care of these infections as well.

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