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Wuaudt.exe is a file whose name may be used to implement a computer virus to the system of your PC. Very often, computer users think that the file running within the computer and visible in Task Manager is waudt.exe even though it is wuauclt.exe. The latter is the Windows Update Autoupdate Client which regularly checks whether some updates are available for your operating system. The file is located in the folder System32, and it is digitally signed as Microsoft Windows Component Publisher.

It is very easy to get confused, as wiaudlt.exe is very similar to wuauclt.exe because of the letters “c” and “l” which may create an illusion that you see a letter “d”. If you see that wuaudt.exe or wuauclt.exe is using a lot of memory, it signals that there might be some computer security issues which should be immediately solved. You may also receive a notification saying that it is important to install a particular update. If you disable automatic updates and find that wuaudt.exe is still running within the system, you should act immediately to find out whether or not your computer is infected.

If you find that the CPU usage is high due to wuaudt.exe or scvhost.exe, you can try disabling automatic Windows updates:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Select System and Security.
  4. Under the heading Windows Updates, click on Turn automatic updating on or off.

After you turn the automatic updates off, you should also scan the PC to make sure wuaudt.exe has not done any damage to the system. The malicious file can download harmful files, monitor what websites you visit, receive command from remote servers, and so on.

Do to allow this obnoxious infection corrupt the PC and remove it using our spyware removal tool SpyHunter. It will thoroughly examine the PC, remove the infection and most of all protect the PC against malware attacks. Click on the button below and download our free scanner. In case you have any questions regarding the malicious wuauclt.exe, which a lot of users regard as wuaudt.exe, leave your response below.

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