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People who love movies might be tempted to install WowMovix since it promises not only the latest movie and TV series reviews, but also free movies, series, and trailers you could watch in one place. Sadly, the application is yet another suspicious browser extension that comes with a useless search engine. Although it promises you a lot of free content and useful features, all you get is the same information that,, etc. would provide. Also, the program shows commercial advertisements that come from unreliable third parties, so it is classified as adware. Another downfall is that the application could record your sensitive information, so if you continue using it, your privacy might be violated. At the very least, the extension works not in a way you would expect, and it could be dangerous to your computer. Therefore, we would advise you to remove it from your computer with the instructions available below the article.

To begin with, the extension is available at or Chrome Web Store, but it does not guarantee that it is safe to use. For instance, before the application is installed Google Chrome will inform you that it can “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.” Google Chrome itself classifies it as a “medium alert” risk level. It means that the extension could be asking a permission that does not seem necessary for a particular program, so you have to decide on your own if it could be harmful to you. Moreover, on the Chrome Web Store, there are no good reviews, just a couple of comments asking about its removal. When the extension is added to your Google Chrome browser, it might change the preferred search engine without your permission too. Also, it shows commercial ads that could lead you to unreliable websites, and they might have content harmful to your computer.

While reading the WowMovix Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement documents, we came across a few particular parts that looked suspicious, as the described services do not seem fitting to the application that is supposed to provide free movies, their reviews, celebrity news, and so on. For example, it says that “The wowMovix Internet site <…> is a platform which allows you to customize your new tab so you can access your favorite sites within a wave of a hand, and also give you the opportunity to sync your mobile device's address book with a desktop app and thereby answer calls and texts from your computer device.” It seems to us that the program might try collecting your private information, so try to ignore any requests from the extension and its website that would require providing such data. Such requests could appear during the installation process, when “<…> you might be asked to log in to your account (it can be Google or Facebook account) in order to generate your user identifier in wowMovix systems and to personalize your experience while using wowMovix.” If you do not want your privacy to be violated, you should not provide your sensitive information.

All things considered, it looks like it would be better to remove the extension if you already have it on your Google Chrome. Not only does the application not work how it is supposed to, but it also could change your browser settings without any consent or it might violate your privacy. Needless to say that the ads are annoying too, but you can easily avoid the ads and possible risks if you erase the program from your system. Fortunately, the removal process is quite simple because all you have to do is to open the Google Chrome extension manager and delete the unwanted application. The instructions provided below the text will help you find these settings on your browser. If you still have any questions or troubles with the removal, you can leave us a comment below the article.

How to remove WowMovix from Google Chrome

  1. Press ALT+F and click Settings.
  2. Select More tools and choose Extensions.
  3. Locate the extension and click the recycle bin button next to it.
  4. Select Remove.
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