Worm Netsky Virus Removal Guide

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Netsky is a big family of worms that first has appeared in 2004. This worm spreads via spam email messages that urge the users to open the attachment that comes with the mail. Once the attachment is opened, Netsky copies all the e-mail addresses that are stored in the computer and then sends itself out to all the addresses it finds.

Just like any other malware Worm Netsky messes with your registry and performs certain changes that allows it to load every single time to turn on your computer. That way the parasite always runs in the background of your system and it continues to infect it even further. This worm can duplicate your system’s processes, so if you see a lot of identically named processes in your Windows Task Manager and you delete one of them, chances are that Worm Netsky will duplicate yet another process file and continue working as if nothing has happened.

Symptoms of Worm Netsky infection include an onslaught of pop-up messages, fake security notifications, browser hijacking and slow system performance. What is more, this worm is also capable of opening your system for other types of malware, so in a way it functions as a backdoor. With this loophole in security an unknown hacker could easily control your computer remotely, without you even realizing it. It shows that Worm Netsky is a dangerous parasite and you need to deal with it immediately.

Manual removal could be quite tricky, as this parasite is good at regenerating itself. Remove Worm Netsky automatically with a trustworthy computer safeguard application. If you remove it automatically, the computer security program will also check for any regenerated threats and it will safeguard your system, making sure that this kind of infection never reaches your computer again.

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