Windows Risk Minimizer Removal Guide

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Windows Risk Minimizer is something that you definitely don’t want to have in your computer. It is a fake antispyware application and it will only steal your hard-earned if you take for the real thing. Your computer will act slowly, and you will receive a lot of fake security notifications trying to scare you into believing that there is no other way out of this dangerous situation but to use Windows Risk Minimizer to remove the viruses that are supposedly there.

Unfortunately, Windows Risk Minimizer is not capable of doing such thing. It is a computer threat itself and if there’s a reason why your computer is slower than usual, then Windows Risk Minimizer is behind it. The rogue slows down your system with intention to make you think that it is happening because of multiple virus infections. Windows Risk Minimizer also blocks your executables from running, saying that programs have to be closed, because they are infected and pose danger for the rest of your system. Windows Risk Minimizer also blocks you from accessing various websites that might be helpful in removing the rogue.

Nevertheless, you should not let this rogue win. Remove Windows Risk Minimizer as soon as you can, and if you are not sure whether you can do it on your own, invest in a computer security program that will take care of the threat automatically.

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