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If the Windows antivirus tool presents you with a warning telling you that Win32/Crowti Trojan is active on your system, you should act as quickly as possible, because the Win32/Crowti warning alert indicates the presence of a ransomware infection on your operating system. In most cases the Win32/Crowti security alert signifies that CrytoWall, Cryptodefence, or Cryptolocker is running on your PC. All of the mentioned applications are extremely dangerous as they are crafted by cyber criminals in order to profit by encrypting valuable files on your operating system. Do not hesitate to terminate the infection responsible for the Win32/Crowti warning message. As long as rasnomware is active on your PC you risk losing important data. Read the rest of the article and find out how a basic ransomware application functions and why it should be removed ASAP.

Usually the ransomware infection enters your system via fake email attachments, once such attachment are opened the dubious script is launched and the ransomware program enters your system. The infection will implement its files and registry keys in order to function properly.

Once it is up and running the encryption of your files start, and it is a silent process; thus, you might not even realize that such process is taking place. As the Win32/Crowti infection is finished with the harmful course of action, you will most likely be presented with a warning message informing you that certain files on your system are encrypted and you do not have access to them anymore. Some ransomware applications provide the complete list of locked files. The alert also includes the ransom note, which provides instructions how you can retrieve the damaged information. Of course such process is of a certain cost.

We believe that paying for this process is virtually worthless as there is no guarantee that the cyber crooks will provide you with this service. As it is obvious, you should not ignore the alert of Win32/Crowti because you could lose crucial data stored on your hard drive. Take immediate measure to remove the virtual threat in order to maintain your data intact.

The removal process is combined of two steps that should be taken once you are presented with the Win32/Crowti message. First, you need to disconnect your system form the Internet as it is your best bet to stop the encryption process, because most ransomware applications require constant Internet connection in order to lock your data. Once you have done this, install a reliable malware detection and removal tool in order to remove the Win32/Crowti infection entirely. Manual removal can be carried out but requires advanced computer knowledge and is, to say the least, a tricky task.

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