West Yorkshire Police Virus Removal Guide

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If you find that you cannot use the computer properly but receive a message with a logo of West Yorkshire Police, it means that your PC is infected with Yorkshire Police Virus, which is a British variant of the virus that has different names and interfaces depending on the targeted region. The virus presents a message claiming that West Yorkshire Police have blocked your PC because you have breached the laws of copyright or visited pornographic websites. However, the police have not initiated the “investigation”, and the notification you have on the screen is displayed by West Yorkshire Police Virus, which should be deleted immediately.

West Yorkshire Police Virus adjusts the system’s setting to constrain you from accessing the Internet and launching any program. The misleading message accuses you of violating copyright laws, which is said to have been done by visiting pornographic websites and storing pornographic material. As a result, the computer is locked to persuade you to pay a penalty of £100. Below, you will find how the criminals attempt to hypnotize users and make them pay the ransom:

Your Windows licensed number was involved in violation of the UK laws. Your IP address was used for the following illicit activities: visiting web pages of pornographic nature, including child pornography, sadomasochism and child abuse. As it has been determined that your computer contains videos of pornographic nature, child pornography, and child abuse, it is being blocked to prevent further violation of law. You will regain access to your computer after paying a fine of 100 pounds.

Please ignore the message’s content, because the only way to unlock the machine is to remove West Yorkshire Police Virus. Moreover, such names of online paying companies as Ukash and Paysafecard should not be taken into account when considering the authenticity of the message. Cyber criminals used the brand names to gain your trust; hence, do not think that by paying the fee you will regain control over your computer as it is said in the message:

If you enter the correct code and pay the fine, you will regain access to your computer.

Additionally, the statement that your IP address is stored on the West Yorkshire Police’s database should be also ignored, because this issue is a scam.

Your IP-address will be stored in our database, (If you go with your IP address back to pornographic web pages) and your case will be transferred to special task force for further investigation!

If you install a powerful malware removal application, not only does it remove West Yorkshire Police Virus; it also protects the system against further infections. SpyHunter is just what you need to delete this ransomware and other threats. To download this application, reboot the computer and immediately press F8 to get a black screen with three options of Safe Mode. Select Safe Mode with Networking and then try opening the browser. If you can access the Internet, go to http://www.411-spyware.com/ to download SpyHunter. The spyware removal program will successfully remove the infection without doing damage to the system, which may happen if you try to delete the infection on your own.

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