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Websrch.mobi offers as a search engine at websrch.mobi/search. The tool was created by AirFind Corp., the company that stands behind Search.ibrowser.io, Search.browsersearch.net, and other suspicious search engines. Their interfaces are identical, and they all appear to promote three unique services: AirFind Portal, Google Custom Search, and Bing Search. Is it weird that the same company created several different identical tools with different names? It certainly is because it is not clear what the purpose behind that is. Most likely, the company is simply maximizing its opportunities to record data and promote sponsored content. Although the search engine is not classified as a browser hijacker, there are reasons why trusting it is not recommended. After analyzing it, our recommendation is that you delete Websrch.mobi, but, of course, the choice is yours. Keep reading this report and, hopefully, you will be able to make your own decisions. If things are not cleared up, add your questions in the comments area.

The services of Websrch.mobi appear to be quite straightforward: It offers different ways to browse the web. Or so it would seem. When you click the Home Portal icon, you are routed to portal.airfind.com, which, of course, belongs to the creator. The portal provides users with access to “free games,” “popular sites,” “horoscope,” and “classifieds.” It might appear to be quite useful at first sight, but if you try using it, you might realize that it provides only a limited number of sponsored links. The Google Search icon enables access to the Google Custom Search engine. Do not mistake it for Google Search because it is actually controlled by AirFind to expose you to the links the company wants you to see. When it comes to Bing Search, it does not look like the search results are modified in any way. Notably, the search field on the home page also redirects to Bing Search. Although it appears that the search tool is relatively harmless, the Privacy Policy (at airfind.com/privacy/) informs that third-party offers and promotional content can be shown, and, of course, it is most likely to be shown via the search engine. This might be the top reason users choose to remove Websrch.mobi.

What about privacy? This might be the second big reason users choose to delete Websrch.mobi because the creator of the engine informs via the Privacy Policy that it can receive information that is personally identifiable from third parties. Who are these third parties? This is unknown, and that is what is so strange. Apart from that, the company denies collecting personal data without users’ consent, but the fact that it can receive unknown details from unknown parties is truly disconcerting. What if the parties involved are not the most reliable, and what if the information they have about you could be used to expose you to scams and misleading links? At this point, we cannot guarantee that this is the case, but that is the risk you need to think about if you are still on the fence of whether or not you should remove Websrch.mobi from your browser. Speaking of browsers, it is also unknown which ones it might target, but it is most likely to appear in the most popular browsers, which include Google Chrome and Firefox.

You can easily change unwanted homepage and search provider settings, and you can learn how to do it – if you do not know it already – using the guide below. We also suggest clearing browsing data just in case. If you do that, all data tracking tools will be eliminated also. But is manual removal the best option? That depends on what is going on on your computer and browsers. Do other suspicious pieces exist? That might be the case if your operating system is unprotected. In fact, Websrch.mobi might have entered your operating system along with something else. Use a reliable malware scanner to figure out if there is anything else you should delete from your computer. If other threats are discovered, you should employ an anti-malware tool to find and automatically remove Websrch.mobi along with other questionable pieces of software.

How to delete Websrch.mobi

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser, tap keys Alt+F, and select Settings.
  2. In the Search engine menu Remove/Edit the undesirable provider.
  3. In the On Startup menu Remove/Edit the undesirable start page URL.
  4. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete and, first, choose the time frame.
  5. Select the data boxes you want and then click CLEAR DATA.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser, tap keys Alt+T, and select Options.
  2. Either in General or Home menu find the Homepage and then overwrite the URL.
  3. In the Search menu choose the preferred provider and then Remove the unwanted one.
  4. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete and, first, choose the time frame.
  5. Select the data boxes you want and then click Clear Now.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch the browser, tap keys Alt+T, and select Internet options.
  2. Click the General tab, move to Homepage, and overwrite the undesirable URL. Click OK.
  3. Tap Alt+T again, select Manage add-ons and then move to Search Providers.
  4. Choose the preferred provider and then Remove the unwanted one. Click Close.
  5. Tap keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete, select the data boxes you want, and then click Delete.
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