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Webbrowsersearch.com is a legitimate and user-friendly search engine which is owned by AOL. The search engine does not collect personal information except for the cases when the user makes a purchase or interacts with AOL. The company also owns an advertising network. The user may be provided with various types of advertisements related to the content of the websites he or she is browsing. The advertisements may also be customized, which means that the user who is using webbrowsersearch.com may come across advertisements related to the keywords he or she has entered in the search box earlier. As to the information that is collected, it is declared that AOL does not share or sell the user’s personal information without his or her agreement.

Not only will the advertisements be provided on particular websites but also among the search results after clicking the Search button. They are presented as sponsored links and given above the so-called search results. Moreover, webbrowsersearch.com displays keyword related to the search query so that the user does not need to type the same keywords in the search box.

Webbrowsersearch.com also has a toolbar which contains links to the websites which are presented in the home page of webbrowsersearch.com. It can be downloaded at toolbar.aol.com. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X.

The very search engine contains links to such popular websites as Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. Those who want to learn more about the toolbar before starting to use it can read the Privacy, Terms of Use, and Preferences sections. Moreover, the developers of the search engine are willing to get the users’ opinion about their service. Every user can contact the Web Browser Search team if there are any difficulties or concerns regarding webbrowsersearch.com.

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