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Vista Security 2013 is a rogue antispyware application that you definitely wouldn't want to have on your computer. It is a direct clone of such malicious applications as Vista Internet Security, Vista Defender 2013, Vista Total Security 2012 and others. As you can see these infections come in a tide every single year. It is important that you remove Vista Security 2013 from your computer as soon as possible otherwise this infection can cause a lot of system problems. It is known to block executable programs and tamper with your Internet connection.

The main infection symptoms are rather simple - Vista Security 2013 does not differ much from its predecessors, so the first thing that it performs is a fake system scan. During the scan it finds a number of viruses that are supposedly hiding in your system (including Virus.Boot-DOS.V.1526, Virus.BAT.8Fish and so on). Then it offers you to purchase a full version of Vista Security 2013 so that you could remove the previously mentioned viruses. Naturally, this whole scheme is nothing but a scam.

To back up its scan results Vista Security 2013 also presents you with a number of fake security notifications, for example:

Vista Security 2013 Alert
Internet Connection alert!
Suspicious network activity detected!
Malware infection is possible!

Vista Security 2013 Alert
System hacked!
Unknown programs is scanning your system registry right now! Identity theft detected!

Security breach!
Beware! Spyware infection was found. Your system security is at risk. Private information may get stolen, and your PC activity may get monitored. Click for an anti-spyware scan.

Obviously, you have to ignore these notifications, because they provide false information. Also, if you allow this rogue to remain in your system, it will slow down your Internet and block various programs in order to prevent itself from being removed. To deal with the program blockage you should register Vista Security 2013 with the following code:


Once you register the rogue, it will be easier to remove it, because Vista Security 2013 will behave as though you have actually paid for it. If you are not good at manual malware removal, acquire a computer security program that will help you to erase Vista Security 2013 from your computer.

If you have more questions about it, please leave a comment below.

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