'.twist File Extension' Ransomware Removal Guide

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You should not leave your system unprotected because a new ransomware-type infection '.twist File Extension' Ransomware has been detected by specialists. It is one of those malicious applications that do not need to get permission from users to infiltrate their computers. To put it differently, it affects users’ computers without their knowledge. Despite the fact that this malicious application enters systems illegally in most cases, it does not stay unnoticed because users soon realize that their files have been locked by some kind of malicious application. There is a bunch of similar threats that lock files on victims’ computers, e.g. Russenger Ransomware, Bananacrypt Ransomware, and Thanatos Ransomware, but there is no doubt that '.twist File Extension' Ransomware is the one responsible for locking files on your computer if you can see the .[twist@airmail.cc].twist extension appended to almost all personal files, including music, pictures, documents, videos, etc. If it turns out to be true that '.twist File Extension' Ransomware is active on your system, delete it without further consideration. Can you locate a ransom note demanding money on your Desktop? If so, ignore it completely. That is, remove the ransomware infection from your system without paying money to its author.

'.twist File Extension' Ransomware might be used as a testing tool, or it could have been released for educational purposes, but it is more likely that cyber criminals have developed it with the intention of obtaining money from users. It does not differ much from similar ransomware-type infections, as research conducted by researchers at 411-spyware.com has shown. It also scans computers first things first after infiltrating them. Once it finds where users’ personal files are located, it mercilessly encrypts them all. This threat should add the .[twist@airmail.cc].twist extension to all these files it encrypts. After encrypting users’ personal data, '.twist File Extension' Ransomware might also drop a ransom note on victims’ computers. If you can find How_Decrypt_Files.txt on your computer, there is no doubt that you have encountered '.twist File Extension' Ransomware. Just like many other threats that have been categorized as ransomware, this malicious application might also demand money from you in exchange for the decryption tool that can unlock files, but you should not transfer a cent to cyber criminals. Malicious software developers will never stop releasing new threats if you send them money. In addition, there are no guarantees that you will be given the tool to unlock your files after you transfer money to cyber criminals. Of course, we do not try to say here that you do not need to do anything if you encounter the ransomware infection. Go to remove it from your computer immediately because it might lock more files on your computer in no time. Additionally, the presence of active malware might result in the entrance of other bad programs.

We do not have much information about the distribution of '.twist File Extension' Ransomware, but there is no doubt that this infection enters users’ computers illegally. It does not mean that users cannot do anything to protect their computers against this malicious application. If you do not want to find your personal files locked, you should stay away from all dubious websites. The biggest mistake users make is downloading free applications from suspicious websites because such pages might promote malware. Additionally, it has been observed that ransomware infections might be distributed via spam emails. They usually travel as email attachments and infiltrate users’ computers the second they open them. Therefore, our security specialists recommend staying away from all suspicious emails and their attachments, especially if they are sent to you by unknown senders. Finally, all users need to have a security application installed on their computers because some threats are very sneaky and, because of this, it is not very likely that ordinary users could prevent them from entering their computers themselves without any help.

Remove '.twist File Extension' Ransomware immediately if you have found it running on your computer. Our manual removal instructions (you can find them below) will help you to remove it, but you should not forget to scan your system with an antimalware scanner as well because it is very important to erase the malicious application fully from the system. Unfortunately, if your personal files have already been locked, you will not unlock them by getting rid of '.twist File Extension' Ransomware.

'.twist File Extension' Ransomware manual removal guide

  1. Open Windows Explorer (press Win+E).
  2. Type %USERPROFILE%\Downloads in the Explorer’s bar and press Enter.
  3. Check all your recent downloads and remove all suspicious files in order to erase the malicious .exe file.
  4. Close the window.
  5. Remove the ransom note from your Desktop if you can locate it.
  6. Go to empty your Recycle bin.
Download Remover for '.twist File Extension' Ransomware *
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