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As a member of the WiniGuard family, it fulfils its function for sure. TrustDoctor fraudulent program displays intimidating information on the security of the computer’s system. Every single notification about different threats should be ignored, and the rogue itself should be removed from the system as soon as possible.

Soon after the installation through undetected Trojans which are camouflaged with codec, the rogue is preparing for deception. It spreads a lot of differently named files and uses them as real infections to trick the user. The user gets notification about the system being infected by malware, Trojan and viruses. Although TrustDoctor suggests deleting the fake infections, it should be removed by itself. There is nothing real about a so-called “registered” full version which is offered to be bought in order to get rid of the simulated infections. By blocking the browser to access safe antivirus websites, the rogue tries to make you purchase the fraudulent application. All that TrustDoctor need is your money. Do not reveal your banking data and passwords but delete this bogus security tool.

A legitimate antispyware or a thorough manual removal of rogue would be sufficient; however, to do the latter, we recommend finding a specialist in computing who could perform the deletion of TrustDoctor. Why? Because there are a lot of steps in deleting the rogue and these steps cannot be taken carelessly. Thus, we recommend automatic deletion of the malware. It will help detect and remove the malware and protect your system in the process.

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