Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E Removal Guide

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Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E is a part of the Win32/Sirefef rootkit. This Trojan is a 64-bit component that targets computers that run on 64-bit operating systems. The Trojans makes the user click on suspicious links that are provided by a hacker via a remote server. Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E accesses a remote server where it locates a specific hacker-created file, and the Trojan generates links according to what it finds in the file. Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E can also easily meddle with the search results, altering them and sending user to the wrong and malicious direction.

This Trojan is extremely devious, because right when it is installed in your computer, Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E injects a subkey into the registry, and with that it can load automatically whenever you boot your Windows. The fact that Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E slithers into your system also means that there are other malware in your computer already. That is because Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E is usually installed by Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.J and Backdoor:Win32/Smadow that are rootkit installers created by Win32/Sirefef.

Since this Trojan does not have an interface, it might be hard to tell that you are infected, but the presence of certain files can always help you to determine whether your security has been breached or not. For example, Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E might be there in your computer in the shape of click_shell.dll file, and it is usually is in a hidden folder in the %APPDATA% location. And if you want to check these files, you will not be allowed to, because the Trojan is protected by a rootkit that terminates the accessing process.

Just like other Trojans related to Win32/Sirefef, this one also generates traffic for various malicious websites with you even knowing it. It means that Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E connects to the internet without your permission, and it can also forcefully redirect you to malware related websites, destroying your system’s security even further.

In order to remove Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E you have to acquire a powerful security tool, because this Trojan is hard to get rid of on your own, especially if you are not a computer expert. Invest in a security program that will terminate Trojan:win64/Sirefef.E for good automatically, and will also safeguard your computer against other possible threats.

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