Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT Removal Guide

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Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT is a malicious Trojan which enters the system surreptitiously without the user’s permission. Once this Trojan enters the system it will provide complete remote access to the PC and its developers will be able to assume control of the system. The user’s privacy will also be compromised as Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT will steal the user’s sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and banking information.

This Trojan is spread via infected email attachments, through peer to peer chat applications like MSN and Yahoo! Messenger and through infected online flash ads. Once Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT roots itself in the system it will change the Desktop background, corrupt files and prevent the user from connecting to the Internet.

It will also spam the PC owner with fake security messages, and generate annoying pop up ads which will not cease until the user manages to remove Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT. It will also be the cause of severe poor set performance, and the user can be used as part of Botnet and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks by Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT’s developers.

In order to avoid the risks associated with this infection, and to restore your PC’s security erase Trojan Downloader.Agent-QT with the help of a genuine and powerful security tool.

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