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Tidserv rootkit is a Trojan rootkit that enters your system surreptitiously and hides its presence from security products. It is commonly used by other types of malware (such as backdoors) to ensure that their presence remains undetected on the compromised system for as long as possible. It is rather troublesome to remove Tidserv rootkit manually, so you are highly advised to invest in a powerful malware removal tool that can protect your computer for you.

This computer infection can come bundled with other malware, so it would be a good idea to perform a full system scan and check whether you have other infections on your computer, because with Tidserv rootkit on board it is very probable that you are infected with other threats (such as Trojans and/or worms) as well.

When Tidserv rootkit is installed on your computer, it can perform a lot of malicious access. Since the objective of a rootkit is to gain a root (i.e. Administrator) access to your system, it can perform significant system modifications that you might not even be aware of. Based on what cyber criminals who have created it want the rootkit to do, Tidserv rootkit might disable your security application and make your system vulnerable to dangerous intruders.

Tidserv rootkit is related to Backdoor.Tidserv infection that only supports the presupposition that this rootkit does not come alone. You might be infected already and have no clue about it. Therefore, it is extremely important to remove Tidserv rootkit and every single computer threat that comes with it as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to invest in a reliable antimalware tool that can detect rootkits, because it will perform a full system scan and terminate Tidserv rookit along with the rest of malicious infections.

Safeguard your computer against dangerous threats and do leave a comment below if you have any inquiries regarding Tidserv rootkit and its removal.

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