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TheClickCheck is not a malicious website and there is no danger visiting it from your Internet browser. When you access the source you are asked to fill in sections regarding the site that brought you to and your feedback. Additionally, you are required to enter a captcha code. Once you press the big green Continue button, you are routed to a new page thanking you for your contribution. There is no information about these actions being dangerous; therefore, it is safe to say that the website is legitimate and should not be feared. Nonetheless, our malware research team has discovered a reason why you may need to remove TheClickCheck related programs, and if you want to learn more you need to continue reading.

It has been found out that being redirected to is unusual and may be linked to the activity of vicious browser hijackers. If your operating system is under the attack of a hijacker – you are in big trouble. The malicious application can help schemers collect your personal information and can even allow them to infiltrate worms, fake AV tools and similar computer infections. These surreptitious programs can hide from detection and removal and can seriously disrupt your PC. Therefore, if you notice web page redirection, search engine filtering, adware distribution and similar symptoms, you need to have programs linked to TheClickCheck deleted as soon as possible.

It is unfortunate but many computer users perform malware removal without necessary precaution and urgency. If you delete malicious programs when you notice the first symptoms, it is most likely that you will have to deal with less components and malware. Moreover, you should also dismiss manual removal operations, because even experienced computer users can make extremely detrimental mistakes. It is best to remove TheClickCheck related programs with automatic threat detection and removal tools like SpyHunter. Do you have more questions regarding the removal tool or the removal itself? Post them using the comment box below.

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