Technicy Ransomware Removal Guide

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Technicy Ransomware is not one of those prevalent ransomware infections spread seeking to obtain money from users. It does not demand a ransom, but it will still cause you problems if it ever enters your computer. This ransomware infection will encrypt a bunch of your files in the %USERPROFILE% directory thus making it impossible to access them. Since it does not demand a ransom, it means that it is impossible to get the decryption key. We would lie if we said that it is a very good idea to purchase the tool for unlocking files from cyber criminals because they might not give anything to you, so if Technicy Ransomware is ever updated and tells you that you can get a tool to decrypt your files by simply paying a certain amount of money, do not make a payment to cyber crooks. What we always recommend for users who discover malware on their PCs is to go to delete it the first thing. You will surely not decrypt your files locked by Technicy Ransomware by erasing it from the system, but you will make sure it cannot lock more files on your computer if you disable it.

Without a doubt, ransomware infections tend to appear on users’ computers without permission, but they do not try to stay unnoticed on users’ PCs for sure because they start performing their activities right away. In the case of Technicy Ransomware, it first creates a copy of itself (%HOMEDRIVE%\[USERNAME]\Rand123\local.exe) and only then starts working from this directory, i.e., starts encrypting users’ files. Specialists at have observed that it affects such folders as Pictures, Music, OneDrive, Documents, Downloads, Contacts, Desktop, Videos, and other folders in %USERPROFILE%. As can be seen, it targets all the most valuable files on users’ computers. Researchers say that users might also discover a new image set as Desktop background. Last but not least, they should locate a .txt file czytaj.txt on Desktop. Surprisingly, it does not demand a ransom, which means that cyber criminals do not want users’ money. Of course, they might update this ransomware infection one day and use it as a tool for obtaining money from users. Never send money to cyber criminals even if they tell you that it is the only way to restore the encrypted data. There is especially no point in purchasing the decryption tool from them if you have all your files on a backup because you can restore them all with the click of a button after you remove malware from your computer.

Technicy Ransomware is definitely not one of those sophisticated threats, but it still creates a copy of itself so that it could longer stay on victims’ computers right after the successful entrance. As for the entrance, it also arrives on users’ computers illegally, but, of course, users contribute to the entrance of this ransomware infection too. For example, they open a malicious attachment from a spam email. Yes, this threat should be spread via spam emails mainly, specialists at say, but we cannot give you any guarantees that you will not find it on a third-party page with freeware. Ransomware infections are quite sneaky, but it does not mean that users can do nothing to protect their PCs from them. Our security specialists say that it is enough to install a reputable security application and keep it active all the time to prevent all kinds of threats, including ransomware infections, from entering the system. The security tool you use must be trustworthy and receive updates periodically so that it could recognize all the newest infections and will not allow them to enter your PC.

You can remove Technicy Ransomware from your system either manually or automatically. If you adopt the manual method, you will need to delete its copy (local.exe), its ransom note, and the image dropped. Our instructions will make the procedure easier, but you should know that you can erase this threat automatically too if you find the manual method quite a challenge. Unfortunately, an automatic tool cannot unlock those encrypted files (having the .technicy extension appended), but it will delete ALL active threats in no time. Of course, you should use only a reputable malware remover to achieve the best results.

How to delete Technicy Ransomware

  1. Open Explorer and delete the copy of the ransomware infection from %HOMEDRIVE%\[USERNAME]\Rand123\local.exe.
  2. Delete the image dropped by the ransomware infection from %HOMEDRIVE%\[USERNAME].
  3. Remove the ransom note czytaj.txt from Desktop.
  4. Empty Trash.
Download Remover for Technicy Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Technicy Ransomware Screenshots:

Technicy Ransomware
Technicy Ransomware

Technicy Ransomware technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1local.exe144896 bytesMD5: 8f7307e55256b74f6847bffb93fa51fd
2czytaj.txt75 bytesMD5: 7d2d36e7b9238ff4b46e488b40fe2254
3technicy.png25305 bytesMD5: d5bfb3233e24d31f1a44e41128f5a779

Memory Processes Created:

# Process Name Process Filename Main module size
1local.exelocal.exe144896 bytes

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