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Thanks to Super AV and similar rogue security tools, it has become increasingly more difficult for users to distinguish between genuine and fake security tools. This rogue in particular derives from the same vicious family of rogues as Antivirii 2011. This alone should speak volumes as to its legitimacy. Despite its best efforts to convince its prospective victims otherwise, Super AV is simply unable to live up to its promises of protecting PCs against threats, or from removing any infection or threat present on the system.

Fake security scanners, hijacked websites and infected online flash ads form part of Super AV’s online marketing campaign. Using these tactics Super AV gains surreptitious and clandestine entry to its victims’ PCs and it will remain dormant until such time that it is able to start its attack against the system. This will happen by Super AV initiating a fake security scan of the system. This scan will be configured to load each time the user logs on to Windows.

The fake security scan generated by Super AV will inform the user that his PC is under attack, and that he needs to purchase Super AV in order to stave off these attacks. The threats Super AV will report on does not even exist, and is only generated by the rogue in order to panic the user into paying for its worthless software.

The user will then start receiving bogus security messages soon after the fake scan completes. These fake security messages will also inform the user of the same information as the fake scan. Super AV will annoy the user and keep on badgering him until such time that the user either pays for or decides to delete Super AV from the system. Some of the fake security alerts known to be used by Super AV include the following:

Super AV – Malware detected
Threats have been detected!
Warning! Some Serious threats have been detected to your computer, that need to be removed instantly or they may cause critical damage to your computer!
Super AV can remove these viruses easily, and prevent damage to your personal computer.
If you click “Remove viruses”, you can protect your computer from destruction, however, if you click “Continue unprotected, your identity may be compromised and you may lose all of your important files and experience system slowdown.

Your system is infected! Your computer is compromised by hackers, adware, malware and worms! Super AV can remove this infection. Please click this icon to remove threats"

There are also definitive symptoms directly related to the Super AV threat. This includes severely delayed Internet connections, extremely poor system performance and changed Desktop backgrounds and altered homepages. Users have also complained about increased erratic system behavior. Disable these annoying symptoms by using this activation key:


In order to protect your PC against the damage caused by this malicious rogue, and to restore your system’s protection and privacy, destroy Super AV using a powerful and legitimate security tool. This will get rid of Super AV and also protect you against any future similar attacks.

Download Remover for Super AV *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Super AV Screenshots:

Super AV


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