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Category: Browser Hijackers is a malicious search engine that we have classified as a browser hijacker after conducting our research. It is necessary to remove it in order to keep your computer out of harms way as its search results are likely to contain promotional links of partner websites of questionable legitimacy. Our research suggests that this hijacker can jeopardize your computer’s security. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you get rid of it as soon as possible. We have found that is set to change your browser’s homepage in order to redirect web traffic to itself in an effort to generate advertising revenue as the whole purpose of this hijacker is making money. Please read this short description to learn more about this infection.

Traditionally, browser hijackers install a dedicated program, modify the browser shortcut Target line and/or modify the registry settings in order to prevent you from deleting it. has none of that, so getting rid of it is as easy as simply changing the homepage. Our reasoning for doing so is that this search engine/browser hijacker is apt to include promotional links inside its search results. Thus, its search results are inherently unreliable as they come from the unknown, and therefore, unreliable sources. Of course, all legitimate search engines feature promotional links. However, is a whole different story, because it comes from an unknown and unreliable developer.

It must be noted that will track your online behavior and collect information, such as your IP address and thus your approximate geographical location in order to generate region-dedicated advertisements and promotions. We think that this hijacker can subject you to download links of potentially unwanted programs, adware, and so on. This hijackers privacy policy states:“Please be aware that these external sites are developed by people over whom we have no control, and we are not responsible for their privacy practices.” Obviously, this search engine’s developers do not have to know-how or the means by which they can sort and exclude potentially malicious links. Moreover, it is possible that the developers simply do not care about the users of their search engine and turn a blind eye to the misconduct of their promoted advertisers. is not a one of release. Its unknown developer is constantly rolling out new browser hijackers that are bundled with third-party software, such as potentially unwanted programs, and adware. These kinds of software bundles find their way to freeware sharing websites or their direct download is sponsored via adware applications. Some of’s more recently released clones are,, and However, some of those clones do not even work, but for the time being is capable of processing searches.

In conclusion, is an undesirable search engine, because it can hijack your browser’s homepage. If you do not delete it and use it to search for information you are subjecting yourself to potentially malicious content. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remove Please refer to our removal instructions in order to get rid of this browser hijacker.

How to delete

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  2. Then, select Show advanced settings.
  3. Click Reset settings and click Reset again in the dialog box.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+H and click Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Click Refresh Firefox.
  3. Then, click Refresh Firefox again in the dialog box.
  4. Click Finish.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T.
  2. Select Internet Options, and then click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Reset and check the checkbox.
  4. Click Reset.
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