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If you cannot access your files all of a sudden, chances are you have just become the next victim of Stop Ransomware. This new malicious threat already seems to have a second variant, which uses a different file extension, different file name for the ransom note, and different e-mails to contact the creators, i.e., your attackers. This is a severe hit to your computer since it seems that there is no way to decrypt the files that have been encrypted by this malicious threat. Of course, the only possible way would be to get hold of the private key and the decryption tool; however, these are stored on a secret remote server that can only be access by your attackers. But what are the chances that these cyber criminals will care enough to send you the key and the software after you transfer the money, and not disappear instead? You definitely need to consider this as an option before making the decision. We certainly do not encourage anyone to pay the fee. We advise you to remove Stop Ransomware ASAP.

This dangerous ransomware infection uses the most frequently used distribution method to spread, the spam campaign. So, if you have gotten a suspicious mail recently and you also opened its attachment, it is very likely that that was the moment you let this beast loose on your system. No wonder why we keep warning you about being more careful around your e-mails. Please note that one click divides you from total catastrophe in these cases. The moment you click to launch the attached file, you will have your personal files sentenced to encryption. This also means, of course, that you cannot act fast enough to delete Stop Ransomware to stop the encoding process. However, when your system is protected with a decent anti-malware program, it can automatically warn you of a possible danger before it could start up on your system and damage your files.

Another possibility for cyber criminals to spread such a ransomware is via the use of Exploit Kits. In this case, these attackers set up malicious pages on the web using Exploit Kits, which can take advantage of outdated software versions and their bugs to drop an infection the moment the page loads. In other words, if your browsers or drivers are not up-to-date, such a visit on a malicious page could be "lethal" with regard to the health of your files. If you do not want to end up having to remove Stop Ransomware or any other dangerous malware infection from your system, you need to stay away from suspicious websites with questionable third-party ads and also keep your programs always updated.

This ransomware program uses the deadly combination of AES and RSA-1024 algorithms to render your personal files unusable. In this attack you may lose all your photos, videos, audios, documents, databases, and more. As we have said above, there are, in fact, two variants of this dangerous threat already. The first one uses the ".STOP" extension, the other ".SUSPENDED" but it is the same threat in essence. The ransom note is called  "!!!YourDataRestore!!!.txt" in the first case and "!!!RestoreProcess!!!.txt" in the second. This note informs you about the encryption of your files and instructs you to send an e-mail to "" or "" for the new variant, and you can include up to 3 small files to have them decrypted for free. Once you get your files back as a proof that these attackers actually have the private key and the decryption tool, you have to pay 600 USD within 72 hours to get this key and tool. We do not believe that these criminals will keep their word, though. So we advise you to act now and remove Stop Ransomware from your PC.

It seems that it is as easy to get rid of this dangerous threat as deleting all files possibly related to this attack. You can follow our instructions below if you feel skilled enough to be able to identify all malicious files you have downloaded recently. Of course, it is also possible that you would prefer to use a trustworthy automated tool like SpyHunter to eliminate all present and future malicious threats. But even if you install such a great security tool, you still need to keep all your programs, including your browsers and Windows, always up-to-date.

How to remove Stop Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Search your default and preferred download directories for suspicious executable files you have saved recently.
  3. Delete all suspicious files, including the ransom note.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your PC.
Download Remover for Stop Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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