Stinger Ransomware Removal Guide

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Users who come across Stinger Ransomware could lose all of their precious files as the reports say the malware may encrypt them with a strong encryption algorithm. As a result, the data should remain in the folders it was found, but the computer might no longer recognize it. Such files can be opened only with specific decryption tools, but unfortunately, the only ones who can provide them are the hackers who created Stinger Ransomware, and in exchange for decryption tools they expect to receive a payment. Of course, no one can tell if they actually have the means or if they will bother to deliver them. That is why our specialists advise not to pay any attention to the malicious program’s displayed ransom note and get rid of the threat. Its removal cannot bring your files back, but if you do not plan on paying the ransom, there is indeed no point in keeping this malicious program. For detailed deletion instructions, you should have a look at the steps located below, although if you wish to learn more about this threat, you could read the article first.

To begin with, the malware should infect the system after the victim opens its launcher. There are various methods to trick users into executing such files, and at the moment of writing, specialists do not know yet how hackers are spreading Stinger Ransomware. For instance, they could send malware’s launchers via Spam emails. Usually, in such cases, the files look like text documents, pictures, or other file types most users would think of harmless. More than that the letter coming together with the attachment could say it is urgent and you have to open the file as soon as you get it. Some hackers also think of provoking titles to make the victim curious. The infection’s launcher could also be distributed via fake updates, malicious software installers, etc. Needless to say, users may download such data from harmful file-sharing web pages, while clicking malicious pop-up ads, and so on.

Furthermore, when the user opens Stinger Ransomware’s launcher, the threat is supposed to begin encrypting pictures, photos, text documents, and other data that could be irreplaceable to the user. The only files left untouched should be the ones belonging to the computer’s operating system or other software installed on it. The affected data can be separated from the second extension, for example, Desert.jpg.Stinger, Koala.jpg.Stinger, and so on. In the folders containing encrypted files, the user should see a text document containing a short message and a skull picture made of dollar signs. The text in it should be written in English, French, and German. It explains to the user the files were locked and asks not to turn off the computer or modify the second extension appended to such files. Also, there is a sentence in English only saying “Please E-Mail me, unlock the cost  USD 100.00.” It means the hackers offer their help in decrypting all locked files for a price of $100. The user is asked to contact the malicious program’s creators so they could send him instructions explaining how to make the payment.

Given there is a possibility, the hackers could trick you and take your money without helping you to decrypt any data we do not think it would be smart to pay the ransom. If you do not think so either, we encourage you not to put up with any demands and erase this malware. Users who are up to the task can follow the instructions located below and eliminate Stinger Ransomware manually. On the other hand, if the process looks complicated, you could install a reliable security tool instead and let it remove the infection for you.

Get rid of Stinger Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Locate a particular process belonging to the malware.
  4. Mark it and press End Task.
  5. Exit Task Manager.
  6. Press Win+E.
  7. Locate the given directories:
  8. Find a malicious file downloaded before the malware appeared.
  9. Right-click the doubtful file and select Delete.
  10. Locate the ransom notes (About .Stinger unlocking instructions.txt).
  11. Right-click them and press Delete.
  12. Exit File Explorer.
  13. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  14. Reboot the system.
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Stinger Ransomware Screenshots:

Stinger Ransomware
Stinger Ransomware

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