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Startweblogic.exe is a malicious program that leverages the computer's power to mine the digital currency Bitcoin, one of the most expensive currency in the world. Once the currency miner Startweblogic.exe gets on the computer, it starts running in the background. The fact that this piece of malware is running on your PC shows that you should patch some security holds and pay more attention to your online security, especially when new forms of malware are creeping in.

In order to find out whether Startweblogic.exe is running on the computer, it is enough to open the Task Manager and check the Processes tab. If you find its process running, you should stop the process and remove the file from its location. The file can be located in several directories, including the desktop, Downloads folder, and temp folder. If not, then it is necessary to look for the executable in the %SystemDrive%\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\primavera directory.

After removing the malicious miner, you can check how the performance of the computer has changed. Since coin mining requires a lot of power, checking the CPU usage is worthwhile. When no web browsers and programs are active, the CPU usage should be around 20 percent of even less. Spikes in the graphical presentation should make you concerned because they may be the signs of a piece of malware running on the computer. Additionally, your processor may require more cooling, which is also a sign of the presence of a miner.

The computer can also be hijacked for mining currencies by malicious websites having embedded Javascript. Such websites use the unused CPU usage as long as the visitor is browsing the website. Once the browser tab is closed, mining should be stopped. Unfortunately, schemers are now capable of continuing the mining process even when the browser is not in use. Some websites request for the visitor's permission to use the PC's power to mine coins; however, the number of not so see-through websites is much bigger, so it is worth using an ad-blocker filtering out in-browser miners.

It is notable that all mining scripts are malicious. For example, Coin Hive is not considered malware, and it can be employed by websites to generate profits without your permissions. There are some browser add-ons, such as AdGuard, Miner Block, and AdBlock, to name but a few that can block such activities.

Editing the hosts file so that the website mining currency is not loaded is an an alternative, but such a modification means that the browser will not connect to the blacklisted domains.

Malware, including ransomware, mining malware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, and many others are spread in a variety of ways. For example, phishing emails, drive-by downloads, bundles, and brute-force RDP attacks are now commonplace for spreading malware.  Startweblogic.exe is likely to get on your computer alongside some torrent file, but it would not be a surprise if mining malware exploited some vulnerabilities to access your computer. For example, the notorious exploit EternalBlue has been used to spread the Monero miners Smominru and WannaMine. That only proves that it is essential to keep the operating system and software patched. Moreover, the PC should be protected by a reputable anti-malware program that can filter out malicious files that attempt to access the PC in the different ways.

If you want to try removing Startweblogic.exe yourself, use the removal guide provided below, but do not forget that it is highly essential to have the PC protected against multiple threats, which can steal and damage your valuable data.

How to remove Startweblogic.exe

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Find the process Startweblogic.exe and right click on it.
  4. Open the location of the file.
  5. Delete the file and end the malicious process.
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