SQL injection Botnet Removal Guide

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Has your computer performance been slower than the usual? Are you having trouble with your Internet connection? If so, it is possible that you could have been infected with SQL injection Botnet. It is a Trojan infection that enters your system surreptitiously and then makes use of your computer as a scanning platform in hunt for vulnerable websites. It suggests that with the infection present you are not completely in control of your computer. Therefore, it is necessary to remove SQL injection Botnet from your system as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell the exact moment when SQL injection Botnet enters your system. Nevertheless, it is known that this infection is usually distributed as a legitimate add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla announced that it had disabled the dysfunctional add-on which was to blame for the infection, but you should keep in mind that such a Trojan as SQL injection Botnet might as well have more than just one method of distribution. After all, based on news reports, since May 2013 this infection has affected more than 12 000 computer systems worldwide.

Usually from a Trojan one would expect the infection to collect sensitive information, such as banking logins and passwords, and then send it away to a remote server. Although SQL injection Botnet is able to connect to the Internet behind your back (and this is exactly what it does), it has not been reported to collect passwords and other important data. The infection IS able to do it, but it seems that the hackers behind it are not aiming for it.

SQL injection Botnet is known to install a backdoor infection on an affected PC as well, but mostly it makes use of the infected computers later on to exploit a number of websites. Various reports claim that almost 2000 websites have been affected by SQL injection Botnet attacks so far, and during most of these attacks the infection is making use of the network of infected desktop computers to carry out its schemes.

Needless to say, that while this is happening behind your back, your computer slows down significantly and you may experience trouble trying to browse the Internet, as SQL injection Botnet definitely takes up your system resources and your bandwidth. To see whether you are really infected with this Trojan, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. This scanner will detect not only SQL injection Botnet (if it is present), but also any other infections on your computer.

After all, Trojans seldom come on their own, so you are bound to have other dangerous threats in your system as well. Do not hesitate to invest in a reliable computer security application that will remove SQL injection Botnet from your computer automatically, and then at the same time will protect the system from any similar infections in the future.

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