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Spyware.IEToolbar is classified as a browser helper object. It is one of the potentially unwanted toolbars that are complementary components of such browser hijackers as SearchIt toolbar. It is very common for a user to download Spyware.IEToolbar himself, especially when a user downloads random freeware. Spyware.IEToolbar often comes bundled with other software and you don't even notice when you install on your computer, because there is no separate prompt for this toolbar.

Many users are convinced that Spyware.IEToolbar is not malicious and it enhances the Internet browsing experience. Naturally, this browser helper object is not as dangerous as a Trojan infection or a rogue program, but it does cause a lot of nuisances for the user. To start with, Spyware.IEToolbar is a commercial toolbar and that means it tries to earn money for various commercial sites that thrive on pay-per-click system. In order for you to visit the said websites, Spyware.IEToolbar redirects you to these pages by force, when you open your browser.

Therefore, it could be said that Spyware.IEToolbar modifies your Internet browser's DNS settings in order to direct you to websites related to the toolbar. Also, it monitors your Internet browsing habits, stores the collected data and sends it to a remote server. Once your browsing data is processed, Spyware.IEToolbar starts displaying commercial ads and pop-ups that should be interesting for you. However, all these commercial adds are terribly annoying.

Naturally, you have to remove Spyware.IEToolbar from your computer if you want to avoid being redirected to strange websites. Sooner or later a BHO infection can lead to something more serious. Therefore, acquire a powerful security tool and allow it to terminate Spyware.IEToolbar automatically.

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