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SpyLocked is rogue software that wants to lure your money out of you, by tricking you into buying the full version of the program. That is done by sending you numbers of fake security alert notifications and by performing a fake system scan. Both of the methods are used to convince you that your computer is seriously infected with various types of malware. SpyLocked is an especially dangerous infection, because if you remove it partially, it can easily re-install itself without your knowledge or consent.It would be great if SpyLocked could really detect all these threats that it reports to you about. However, the viruses in the rogue’s detection list most probably do not exist in your computer, because the names are randomly generated by SpyLocked itself. The creators of the rogue have designed and programmed this program in a way that it shows you the “threats”, but it does not allow you to remove them, because the trial version is for scanning only, and if the user wants to get rid of the viruses he has to purchase the full version of the program. Zlob Trojan is one of the most common ways for SpyLocked to get into your system. This Trojan is associated with a lot of rogue programs and it can easily download and install them onto your computer, because it does not need to prompt you about its actions. In fact, at first it might seem that you have acquired a useful program, because here is the statement about SpyLocked on the rogue’s information page, designed by cyber criminals:

“Every PC owner has valuable and confidential personal information stored on his/her computer. This can include credit card and banking details, private e-mails and documents, shopping and browsing habits, etc. All this information should be protected from software intruders snooping. Are you sure your PC is protected? Do you want to know whether it is infected or clean? Use SpyLocked scanner and check your PC now. In order to avoid detection, names of adware and spyware are often changed but their content remains the same. SpyLocked's high quality spyware detection and removal engine finds even the most artful infections and removes them quickly and effectively.”

Unfortunately, none of that is true, and the longer SpyLocked stays in your computer, the slow your system becomes, and the harder it is to operate your machine. Get rid of the annoying pop-up messages and forceful browser redirections by removing SpyLocked for good. Get yourself a good antispyware application that will terminate the rogue for you and will protect your computer from similar infections. Automatic removal is always an option if you are not perfectly computer savvy. Just do not hesitate and do not allow SpyLocked to remain in your computer any longer.

Download Remover for Spylocked *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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