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SpeedyPC Pro is a computer application which is presented as innovative software whose advanced features will improve the performance of the computer. The optimization program is presented as a partner of Microsoft, but when you find that the application in question causes some problems, you may start doubting where Microsoft is really a partner of this application. SpeedyPC Pro is regarded as scareware as it displays browser windows that contain recommendations to purchase the software in order to fix various system errors. Our advice is that you should ignore the information provided by the unwanted application and remove it from the computer.

According to the presentation of the application on the website speedypc.com, it is capable of deleting junk files and malware, cleaning registry errors, opening unknown file extensions and doing much more, which results in the improvement of the computer’s performance. Nevertheless, it has been noticed that SpeedyPC Pro may cause malfunction of some anti-virus programs by deleting files of an application. It is also claimed that the software can remove malware; however, some computer threats may be skipped.

When you are provided with system scan results or pop-up warnings notifying you that some errors have been detected, you should not trust their content but remove SpeedyPC Pro. If you do not have this tool on your PC yet, it will surely try to deceive you into paying money for its full version once you have installed it. A browser window where you are supposed to enter your personal details will pop up. Do not enter your name, email, country and postal code in order to avoid unwanted consequences as by exposing such details you get easily accessible at any time.

Ignore the number of the problems detected even if you know that, for example, some registry tweaks are necessary; the issues reported by SpeedyPC Pro should not be trusted. We highly recommend removing this software in order to get rid of annoying pop-up windows, suspicious system scans and other malfunctions of the system.

Without doubt, automatic removal is the best way of dealing with SpeedyPC Pro. You should install a spyware removal tool which will do both remove the threat and safeguard the computer against malware. Click the download button provided to download a free scanner which will detect the intruder in no time.

Download Remover for SpeedyPC Pro *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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