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SpeedItApp promises to help you find out if your computer is using the full potential of your Internet connection. The benefits of the program are that it is easy to use and it works from your desktop. Of course, we think it is much better to use online services that could calculate your Internet speeds rather than to install software, primarily because of programs like SpeedItApp. This is an unreliable program that promises beneficial services and later on ends up working in a different manner, and this is why you should remove it from your Windows operating system. We have created a comprehensive guide that will help you understand how the application works, and what measures you need to take to remove it from your operating system. If you still do not understand how to delete SpeedItApp, you can contact us by leaving a comment.

It is now clear that SpeedItApp is not the only program that can use the attractive service of Internet speed checks to camouflage online advertising, and this is exactly how the program works. Other apps that are just as misleading include Speedcheckme, SpeedChecker, TestSpeeder, and Ineedspeed. If you have found these programs installed onto your PC, you should remove them without further delay. The reason why you must delete these programs matches the reasons related to the removal of SpeedItApp. Even though the app is officially presented (at speeditapp.co) as a great tool, the truth is that it is a useless tool that can help unreliable parties jeopardize your virtual security. Imagine that every advertisement presented by SpeedItApp – and these ads will appear as soon as you install the application – is a backdoor to a different site. What if clicking on this ad can immediately activate malware installation? The risk is real, and so you have to delete the undesirable application without further postponement.

Do not postpone the removal of SpeedItApp, because this application is too risky and unreliable. If you are experienced with the manual removal, you might be able to delete SpeedItApp from your operating system yourself. Well, what about the apps that may be installed onto your PC packaged with this PUP? If you face highly malicious programs that manage to circumvent the regular removal techniques, you might be in trouble. To prevent the activity of malware, we advise utilizing the automatic malware removal software you can trust. Install this software to remove SpeedItApp-related malware and to active the anti-malware shield.

How to delete SpeedItApp

Delete from Windows XP:

  1. Scroll down to the Taskbar and click the Start icon on the left.
  2. Open the Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Remove SpeedItApp from the Change or Remove Programs menu.

Delete from Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Scroll down to the Taskbar and click the Windows icon on the left.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and click Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click and the app you have chosen to remove and click Uninstall.

Delete from Windows 8:

  1. Launch the RUN utility (tap Win+R keys) and enter Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel menu click Uninstall a program to find SpeedItApp.
  3. Right-click the program you want to remove and select Uninstall.
Download Remover for SpeedItApp *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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