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There are two ways to install Skyrocket Player. Users either download this potentially unwanted program (PUP) from its official website,, or they acquire it bundled with third-party software. As our research shows, the third-party programs installed along with this program can be malicious, which is why you have to research them as well. Even though potentially unwanted programs are not considered to be extremely malicious, there are a few things you need to know about this program. We are sure that if you read this report you will choose to delete Skyrocket Player. After all, this program is not beneficial and does not work the way users expect it to. On top of that, you might encounter certain security issues if you do not remove this PUP.

Did you know that Skyrocket Player has a clone that users are advised to delete as well? PlayThru Player is introduced to computer users using the same information, which is why we believe both of these programs serve the same purpose and are controlled by the same company. When researching PlayThru Player, it was found that the developer of this potentially unwanted program is known for creating malicious and advertisement-supported programs that require removal. Needless to say, it is highly unlikely that malware creators would suddenly change their ways and start releasing beneficial and reliable programs. Having said that, we do not have enough information to claim that the developers of Skyrocket Player are malicious. Despite that, we still advise removing Skyrocket Player because of the content that this program introduces to users.

Our researchers have found that Skyrocket Player has the potential to show commercial advertisements and pop-ups. Interacting with this kind of content can be dangerous because all ads are meant to route users to some kind of third-party sites, and it is possible that these sites will not be reliable. Some users also think that they should remove Skyrocket Player as a browser hijacker because it replaces their regular search tools with Yahoo Search. The reality is that this search tool is offered as an optional addition, and all users are allowed to decline this addition. Of course, in our eyes, the most important reason to delete Skyrocket Player is its inability to offer beneficial services. Even though this media player is promoted as a useful tool, in reality, it does not work as well as users would like it to. To be fair, Skyrocket Player is a new program, and it could become more beneficial in the future.

If, after reading this report, you have decided that you want to remove Skyrocket Player, you can follow our manual removal instructions below. These instructions show how to uninstall Skyrocket Player from different Windows systems, but we cannot guarantee that they will help you delete all undesirable programs. Depending on the software that comes bundled with this PUP, you might have to use a more aggressive approach. The easiest way to solve Windows security and malware (or unreliable software) removal issues is by installing a legitimate security tool. We recommend SpyHunter, which you can download by clicking the link below.

How to delete Skyrocket Player

Delete from Windows XP:

  1. Navigate to the left of the Taskbar and click Start.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and move to Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Move to the Change and Remove Programs menu and Remove Skyrocket Player.

Delete from Windows Vista/Windows 7:

  1. Navigate to the Taskbar and click the Start/Windows button.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and select Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click the application you wish to remove from your PC and click Uninstall.

Delete from Windows 8/Windows 8.1:

  1. Launch RUN (simultaneously tap Win+R) and enter Control Panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program and identify the program you want to remove.
  3. Right-click Skyrocket Player and click Uninstall.
Download Remover for Skyrocket Player *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Skyrocket Player Screenshots:

Skyrocket Player
Skyrocket Player
Skyrocket Player


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